Cando/North Star Video Archives 2003-2016

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Cando/North Star Video Archives 2003-2016

Postby vikingman » Fri Nov 27, 2020 9:12 pm

The following games have been uploaded to Youtube. Search for the North Star Bearcats Classics channel on Youtube, then search for the year, followed by the word 'Football' (i.e., 2012 New Rockford). I'm sure I've got some of the co-op names wrong in the listing. The camera work on some of the games is not good.

2003 (8 games) Leeds, Rolla, Tri-County, Wells County, St John, Maddock, New Rockford/Sheyenne, Rolette/Wolford

2004 - none

2005 (9) Maddock, Rolette-Wolford, Leeds, St Johm, Well County, Tri-County, New Rockford/Sheyenne, Rolla/Rock Lake, Milnor ? (Playoffs)

2006 (8) Mohall, Trenton, Glenburn, Westhope, Rolla, Rolette-Wolford, St John, Parshall (only 2 teams are identified in the file name)

2007 - none

2008 (2) Tri-county, Drayton/V-E

2009 (7) Lakota, T-G-U, D-V-E, Tri-County, Dunseith, Wells County, Benson County

2010 (I'm pretty sure I have these games, but haven't been able to find the correct hard drive)

2011 (12) Kenmare, Benson County, Surrey, T-G-U, Tri-County, Mohall-L-S, St John, Four Winds, PLAYOFFS: Shiloh Christian, McLean County, Divide County, Napoleon-G-S (Dakota Bowl)

2012 (9) Kenmare, St John, T-G-U, Benson County, Mohall-L-S, Four Winds, Surrey

2013 (7) Benson County, Thompson, D-V-E, New Rockford/Sheyenne, F-S-H-P, Hatton/Northwood, Four Winds

2014 (9) Benson County, New Rockford/Sheyenne, Hatton/Northwood, F-S-H-P, Cavalier, D-V-E, Thompson, Four Winds, LaMoure-L-M (Playoffs)

2015 (8) Benson County, North Border, Midway-Minto, Cavalier, Thompson, D-V-E, New Rockford/Sheyenne, North Prairie

2016 (8) Cavalier, Midway-Minto, North Border, New Rockford/Sheyenne, Benson County, North Prairie, D-V-E, Thompson
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Re: Cando/North Star Video Archives 2003-2016

Postby vikingman » Mon Jun 07, 2021 1:14 pm

Missing season was found and uploaded:

2010 Hi-Def: Tri-County, Lakota, Drayton-Valley-St Thomas, T-G-U
2010 Std Def: Benson Cty, Wells Cty, Drake, Dunseith, St John, Mohall (playoff), Mott (playoff)

2009 -- two more games found, North Border and St John, both Hi-def
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