More drama at Mayville State...

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More drama at Mayville State...

Postby BasketballMind » Fri Jun 02, 2023 8:14 pm

Second coach in a year to be fired out of nowhere and on suspicious circumstances. There has been a lot of attention from the WDAY and KFGO airwaves the last two days after the rally at the college on Wednesday night. Brian Van Horn read a prepared statement, didn't field any questions, and seemingly made the situation way worse. This situation is probably not going to go quietly into the night the way they might be hoping it would. They are possibly looking at multiple lawsuits over wrongful termination and Title IX. Multiple links below from the last few days for those that aren't in the loop. Lot going on over there!
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Re: More drama at Mayville State...

Postby Flip » Fri Jun 09, 2023 9:50 am

I don't have anything to add, but I'm interested in this story. BasketballMind, if you see more on this story please share.
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