Region 3 17-18

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Region 3 17-18

Postby CentralCity » Tue Nov 14, 2017 2:27 pm

Predictions, top players to watch, etc..
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Re: Region 3 17-18

Postby Sportsrube » Tue Nov 14, 2017 3:44 pm

I believe District 5 will come down to Carrington and EKM with Oakes and Ellendale being very solid also. As for top players I would pick Bickel (SP?) from Carrington, Hanson from EKM and the young Meehl (SP?) from Oakes.
In District 6 I will take LHMB (if Weisser is healthy) with Napoloen and Strasburg being very tough. If Napoleon upset LHMB I would not be surprised. For District 6 players you have to start with Jamison Fettig from Napoleon with Cole Baumiller (LHMB) being very solid as well. I also think Stetson Haak from Strasburg could be very good this year. Weisser will be tough in the middle for LHMB (again, if he is healthy) and Napoleon has a few other kids who shoot the ball very well. I think Strasburg may be the most athletic team from top to bottom in District 6 and you know their coach will have them ready at tournament time. Any of these three teams could end up winning District 6.
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Re: Region 3 17-18

Postby sportsfan111 » Tue Nov 14, 2017 11:08 pm

I really do not see anyone competing with Carrington in the region this year (unless Linton plays zone and Carrington shoots themselves out of the game like they did in last year's championship).
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Re: Region 3 17-18

Postby Wilbur » Wed Nov 15, 2017 12:20 pm

My predictions: District 5: Carrington, EKM, Ellendale and Oakes. District 6: NGS, Linton-HMB, Strasburg-Zeeland and Kidder County.

Top 4 in Region: Carrington, EKM, NGS and Linton-HMB.

At the end of last season, I picked Carrington to win the region, so I will stick with that. They will miss Edland, but have a lot of talent returning. EKM was an up and coming team last year and has one of the region’s best players in Lane Hanson. Ellendale lost some key players, but always seem to be competitive, and Oakes had a really young team last year, that looked like it could be tough in the future.
NGS is very quick and can shoot the lights out when on fire, but unfortunately, that is not every game, so I can’t put them at the top of the region. Wouldn’t surprise me if they do well in the tournaments, though. Linton-HMB wasn’t very deep last year and lost a couple of really good players in Jared Baumiller and Vander Laan, and Strasburg-Zeeland returns a lot, but lost a really good player in Huizenga. Should be close between Linton, NGS and SZ, and any of them could win it. Kidder County may be a surprise. It should be noted that Jamison Fettig (NGS) suffered an injury in football and probably won’t play until after Christmas. Lance Weiser (LHMB) had shoulder surgery a couple weeks ago, and may be out until late January or longer.

Standout players in the region IMO are Hanson (EKM), Bickett (Carrington),Tyler Voightman (Oakes), Fettig, Ethan Kleppe and William Kleppe (NGS), Cole Baumiller and Weiser (LHMB) and Stetson Haak (SZ). These are players that stand out to me, but there are others I know I missed. I’m sure someone will jar my memory, though.
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