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Postby Hammerheads » Tue May 20, 2014 6:53 pm

gvmearees wrote:
Hammerheads wrote:going to be interesting WDA tourney!!! i think Dickinson,Mandan,Bismark, and Century. sorry Minot you have great pitching but no hitting and your defense is hit or miss!!! hope i'm wrong!!!!

Minot has one solid pitcher in Jacob(very consistant). Zafra has been good but ok most of the time, if he can work on his control and his mound emotions he could be great. Baseball is a game of emotion, good pitching leads to good hitting and defense and vise versa. Zafra has been very good when his team scores and his team has been not so good when he pitches poorly. It's a game of mistakes. Pitchers make them, batters make them, fielders make them. Hammerheads/baseballerover35 (same guy/dad?)=no need to point fingers, stuff happens, excuses are for losers. These young men are 16-18 years old, let them enjoy there time on the field and stop the subtle jabs. Obviously, your son is a good player as he will be playing D2 baseball for the next few years. Best wishes to him

first of all i am not pointing fingers, look at the books!!! minot is the only team that has two no hitters against them this year!!! and another thing how did zafra become part of this, when i only gave an opinion on whos going to state!!! but now that you brought it out lets see? zafra has pitched against the good teams hes 3-3 his last four outing has gone complete games throwing over 100 pitches.(except dickinson on 5/15)no like you said young men, so thats ok? double standard. i love jacob chandler!!! one of my sons dearest friend. chandler is 2-1 pitched against bismark, jamestown, century, witch was chandlers best performance.i know errors are made but you got to make your routine plays, if you think i am blaming the team for zafras losses your confused, i blame everyone even coaches!!! no mystery on who i am but for baseballlover35 have no idea!!! i never mentioned any player outright!! so hopefully you have the decency to apoligize to zafra for throwing him under the bus. my son plays for minot and would love to see minot win it all!!! like i said hope im wrong. i dont have to hide under a username you know who i am, come see me at the game i will buy you a beer and talk baseball, you mighty learn something
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Re: Top Pitchers

Postby NorthShore » Tue May 20, 2014 8:08 pm

So with all that's been said previously, if you have one game to win, of all the pitchers in the state who do you want starting it and who do you want closing (2 innings max) it. My choices would be Harm (Mandan) starting and Feeney (Century) closing.
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