Still way to early thoughts on Region 5 next year

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Still way to early thoughts on Region 5 next year

Postby Sorenson23 » Mon Feb 11, 2019 1:39 am

Anyone have thoughts on how region 5 will fair next year. Feel free to comment. :D

My top 5 going into next season in no particular order.

1. Grant County
2. Underwood
3. Flasher
4. Shiloh Christian
5. Wilton-Wing

1. Grant County - returns most of the team I think they lose only one senior.
2. Underwood - returns everyone next season they will have 4 seniors, 1 junior, 2 freshmen, and 7 eighth graders who all played this past year (2018-2019). They're 15-6 so this year very well coached. They will be good for a few years.
3. Flasher - The Alt's sisters weren't eligible to play this season. But next year I think Flasher will win District 9, and maybe even the region.
4. Shiloh Christian - I believe they lose all five of their starters. I think they will have a down year or two.
5. Wilton-Wing - Has a good core of players returning next season. Between Wilton-Wing and Underwood for a few years in district 10.
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