North Dakota Girls season.

Class B Girls
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North Dakota Girls season.

Postby B-oldtimer » Wed Dec 20, 2017 3:25 pm

Can some one explain why North Dakota has girls season as it is now. I started to compare our girls class b season to our neighboring states and it seems we start as early as anybody does with our neighboring states but then we rush to finish the season so much more earlier than our neighboring states. On average we are done at least week to two weeks earlier than MN, SD, and Montana. It seems to me that if we had this extra time it would help to take some of grind out the season for girls participating in girls basketball. It seems that states play similar number of games in the season. I guess it has something to do with TV rights and Tv schedules to fit into windows before college basketball begins tournaments. Also I know we used have seasons boys season ending first but other states have longer seasons for both boys and girls basketball. I do see that they run state tournaments concurrently for boy and girls basketball. I just wonder why were in such rush to end the season because spring seasons are nearly month away before we will have weather to permit for full scale play.
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