New 30 Point Mercy Rule

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Re: New 30 Point Mercy Rule

Postby NCBBALL » Wed Feb 01, 2017 8:15 pm

Per NDHSAA the foul shots will be awarded no matter what the clock status is. If time runs out during or before administration of the attempts the lane will be cleared and any attempts or remaining attempts will be completed regardless of which team or the score. I know there is some confusion amongst officials and coaches on whether shots are awarded or not and have seen both happen but NDHSAA was clear in the answer they gave me very recently when asked.

Also once the running clock is implemented remains running no matter what the score is - don't think any coach or official has misunderstood this that I've seen.

I also saw the clock stopped with under a second remaining to allow the shooter to attempt the free throw. This was done by the clock operator and not the officials. It was done to allow the shooter to complete the attempt with no additional distractions as explained by him. In this case it was actually the visiting team shooting so it was a classy thing done by the clock operator. In hindsight though the lane should have been cleared on that shot. Does that bring unwanted attention to the shooter? By not clearing the lane was an opportunity left for someone to be injured with less than a second left? Yes in both cases and in a perfect scenario the official would have told all players occupying a lane space that it is a free shot and the game is over much like when it's clear a QB is taking a knee when the D line is told that to avoid unnecessary contact or injuries when the O line is clearly not going to initiate any contact.

The Mercy Rule may be tweaked in the future and I believe the NDHSAA staff will be actively seeking input for future changes if needed.
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Re: New 30 Point Mercy Rule

Postby The Schwab » Thu Feb 02, 2017 10:59 am

If they do look for input, not sure they will or not, implement it when the score is 40+ and don't run the clock during free throws.
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Re: New 30 Point Mercy Rule

Postby Sportsrube » Thu Feb 02, 2017 12:32 pm

The Mercy Rule may be tweaked in the future and I believe the NDHSAA staff will be actively seeking input for future changes if needed.[/quote]

And we all know how well the NDHSAA listens to input from its members. Hopefully they will make some changes, move it to at least 35 pts (or 40) and I would like them to stop the clock during any FT's, not just those at the very end of the qtr.
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Re: New 30 Point Mercy Rule

Postby Run4Fun2009 » Thu Feb 02, 2017 12:38 pm

I think if any change may happen they'll go to MN style (35 pts...possibility to have clocked stopped if under 30)

Someone asked awhile back if any team has ever made a drastic comeback in MN...saw tape of a team get down by 40 and then cut lead to 13...drastic but not enough and no losing team didn't bring starters back in to do was made by JV athletes
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Re: New 30 Point Mercy Rule

Postby Flip » Tue Feb 07, 2017 1:31 pm

What is the closest game this year where the mercy rule has been used?
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Re: New 30 Point Mercy Rule

Postby 74Magic » Mon Apr 03, 2017 8:59 am

This rule is clearly not in the best interests of the players of either team. It is exactly these situations that benefit the younger players giving them some varsity experience. When I played, my coach used this time to work on various strategies that you wouldn't otherwise get to work on in a tight game.

The main thing that makes this rule so rediculous is the fact that in North Dakota we play 8 minute quarters as. In my day the coaches took care of this by playing younger players and making players run through all options of the offense. Unfortunately, it seems somewhere along the line, some have lost track of the human element.

An interesting note: one of the top teams in ND was down by almost 20 points in the first half of a game. They came back in the 3rd quarter and erased the deficit but imagine if they didn't wake up until the 4th quarter. Their undefeated season may not have happened.
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