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Postby Irisheyes » Thu Feb 23, 2006 7:12 am

Bottom Line.  Polls are Polls and it really doesn't matter know.  It's Tourney time.  All teams mentioned in the polls are good and best of luck to them all.  Stay healthy and play hard.  Let the kids be kids and have a fun experience enjoying the tourneys.  It should be great for the Devils Lake REGION that they have 2 teams that are premier in the state.  A lot of excitement is great, maybe the fishing will be great too.  Great point in keeping it positive.  Let the kids battle it out at the old eagles tourney for bragging right.  They both need to concentrate on opponents coming up.  peace out.
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Postby 1337 » Thu Feb 23, 2006 7:18 am

[user=112]theefollman[/user] wrote:
Both Undecided. One was being looked at strongly for football too. I am not bringing other kids down either, I am just saying that I dont think Four Winds would beat Devils Lake, Its my personal Opinion but im sure there are more people out there that would agree with me. No offense to Four Winds, and i hope you arent taking any and they have good players and i wish them the best in the tournys but I still feel strong about who I think and believe would win.

Thanks. I was just curious.

I think we should try swing this one back around to the topic. theefollman made a good post that basically boils down to the fact that we'll all have to agree to disagree :) It is the same old debate of A vs. B, a certain 1985 team vs. a 1996 team and the like. These debates can't be settled for we'll truly never know. Each of us can cheer on our teams and hope for the best! I think it's great to see such an enthusiastic support for our local teams and that we all benefit by the overwhelming topics that prove there is some good basketball being played up here in the great state of North Dakota.

As has been stated many a time in this thread, it's tournament time. That should settle all the talk, at least within each respective class!

Good luck to all!
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