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Its an Officials World

PostPosted: Fri Apr 05, 2019 1:38 pm
by winner-within
Texas wins the NIT.....

I keep going back to the 3/19 match-up between them and SDSU
Texas got the jump at the start but SDSU chipped away and made a big push at the end, they missed a couple crucial shot attempts but what stood out to me was you had "the 3 time Summit league (I realize this isn't the Big 12 league) player of the year that has scored less than only 6 players in the history of D-1 (3,067) Mike Daum
hes a Nebraska Farm kid (nebraska has been hit with the greatest flood in history, had to throw that in) hes arguably one of the most smartest power forwards I've ever watched play the game, let alone one of the smartest players period! (not to mention hes very good at basketball)....and just like that? he has 3 fouls within a minute or, IMO was a foul, the other 2 were called to head of the wall of steam (sdsu) coming to beat Texas... a team with a 17-16 record!
Oh but wait, the have Shaka Smart coaching..........had SDSU won would have less people watched? would have they went on to win? possibly, possibly had VCU beat Duke, would have they went on and won...maybe not....
I've watched a lot of HS games this has 1 foul or no fouls at halftime the other team has 7

all the way from the Missed PI on the Saints in the NFC Championship, to the NIT to the HS ranks....has it become an Officials World?

Re: Its an Officials World

PostPosted: Fri Apr 05, 2019 2:46 pm
by Sportsrube
I have never worried too much about if a team has more fouls than another. If one team is pressing and the other isn't, the fouls shouldn't be even. If one team is playing man defense and the other is sitting in a zone the fouls should probably be more for the team playing man. If one team has a number of kids who do a lot of penetrating and the other team routinely settles for 3's the fouls should be different, etc..... Just because the total team fouls are equal at the half or end of the game doesn't mean it was a well officiated game. Is it an official's world? That I don't know.

Re: Its an Officials World

PostPosted: Fri Apr 05, 2019 3:30 pm
by winner-within
The amount of fouls is yes, somewhat irrelevant, unless of course it curbs the Momentum (what I was getting at with the SDSU scenario in my eyes).......because Basketball is "a game of runs" a foul called at a certain moment can slow down a run.......when I reffed I didn't Observe the game nor the scoreboard, I observed the play of the game watching if the rules of the game were broken....I also believe there is in most cases a general consensus in like a Regional Tournament or a State tournament, as to how it will be called.....

Re: Its an Officials World

PostPosted: Mon Apr 08, 2019 4:36 pm
by winner-within
Virginia vs Aub, isn't it funny how in a tight ending of a game one wants to critique the last couple of calls and no focus gets put on any other calls throughout the game...........
the double dribble? I think it was a combination of the ball hitting Jeromes own foot and the fact that there was just an obvious foul that the Referee/Referees elected not to call because it was a non-shooting foul and they elected to let the game continue even though they new that Aub was trying to foul (I have seen this before many times) so before the DD there was an obvious foul.........the foul on the 3 pointer? that was a foul
when you go to close out on a three, all you can do is try swat it out of the air....don't get close to the guy...