Thoughts following the 2017-18 season

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Thoughts following the 2017-18 season

Postby Flying Wallenda » Thu Mar 22, 2018 1:13 pm

Some general observations:

1) I was impressed with several coaches I saw this year. Feller from MR and Brandt from Buelah were two on the best IMO.
2) I'm not sure Hanson was the MOST deserving for MR. BB or not, but he WAS deserving. I do believe he has the most next "level potential" of the candidates.
3) Mcgillis was fun to watch. He goes to the hoop really hard, fearless, hard worker. Really wanted to win. Will need to work on his 15-21 ft game going forward - look forward to watching him play in the future.
4) HCV's "whole" trumped its "parts". Oddly enough, 2 very strong pieces (Henningsgard/Camrud) who in a sense dominated without being knock out scorers (though Henningsgard can score) - Hennings with the floor game, Camrud on the glass. The others were solid role guys, smart, tough, hard workers. They were the best team in the state IMO and proved it. They'll contend as long as they have Henningsgard in uniform, but.....
5) I'll be floored if Thompson finds a way to not make state next year. Lots back, lots coming up.
6) I thought the tournament was very physical. But called fairly. I don't recall a team I think could say they really go the shaft (though I'm sure some believe they did).
7) 3 classes is gaining steam. I certainly believe borderless districts have an enormous advantage. I'd be surprised if the board decides to have kids traveling mid-week 2-3 hours 1 way.
8) Civic center > Minot dome IMO. I miss the fancy introductions of yesteryear though.
9) I believe Shiloh rolls through regions next year (went way out on the limb didn't I!
10) Bohl and Hedberg will be the best back court in the state next year, by a long ways - one of the better ones in quite some time IMO. Very impressive.
11) Nelson from Carrington will improve greatly and be heard from- will be interesting to see who steps up with he and Rosenau.
12) Albrecht from Grafton has a huge year in region 2 - Mr. BB candidate.
13) Region winners: Richland/Thompson/LLM/Langdon/Shiloh/MR/Trinity/FLIP a coin.......
14) People will go nuts with 3 borderless schools in the state tourney..........
15) Shiloh beats Thompson to win it all!
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Re: Thoughts following the 2017-18 season

Postby defense1st » Thu Mar 22, 2018 4:55 pm

I was happy to see some real parity return to Class B. Seems like the past few years there has been a couple teams that were head and shoulders above the rest, and this year there wasn't a single blowout at the tournament. There even seemed to be more parity within regions as well. We could have seen a number of runners up make it to state and not see a drop in competitiveness.

I'd agree with Wallenda that there are some surefire favorites going into next year, but I think/hope we'll see some similar parity again!
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Re: Thoughts following the 2017-18 season

Postby winner-within » Fri Mar 23, 2018 10:23 am

There were many predictions (always is) there have been countless posts on what should/could happen

there will be many predictions...there will be countless posts on what will happen (always fun) but in the end it plays out, the way it plays out, because the game has to be played!
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