2014-15 Re-Alignment Proposal

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Re: 2014-15 Re-Alignment Proposal

Postby HammerTime » Wed Mar 18, 2015 11:17 pm

ndlionsfan wrote:
justplayalready wrote:
B-oldtimer wrote:District 8 has already lost Munich Starkweather and I have heard rumblings of Rolla and Rolette to begin cooping for more sports. If this happens could be down to 5 teams in District 8. I think they should have left Benson County in District 8.

I'd think Rugby would be the logical fit...Dunsieth and Harvey are both R4...The new Minot B schools will keep R6 full...No reason not to move Rugby to R4

That would be a logical move if the realigned the districts again, but I have heard from coaches in the region that if/when Region 4 drops to 12 teams they will just go to a super region format same as they have done for vball now.

Definitely makes more sense geographically. Rugby plays a vast majority of its games in Region 6 and 4 and could easily bounce between the two. I think they like being in Region 6 because they can play Region 4 teams, which is probably better than Region 6 even with the Minot schools, without consequence. Like having 4 winds on the schedule doesn't hurt if they're in Region 6. It does in Region 4. Plus, can you imagine what region 6 would be like if Rugby wasn't their to balance it out? District 12 would sweep 11 every other year!
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