Thoughts on Semi Circle in lane for HS?

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Re: Thoughts on Semi Circle in lane for HS?

Postby toughD » Wed Mar 14, 2012 7:57 pm

packers21 wrote:
toughD wrote:The thing about the semi-circle is that it's not that big. I coach 5th & 6th grade boys, and we practice at the local university where they have the circles on the floor. When these young boys are running layup drills, most often they take off from outside this circle when they go up for a layup. If you set up for a charge inside the circle, you are standing DIRECTLY under the hoop, and you've already given the offensive player a clear path to the basket. This is poor defense and you should not be rewarded for giving up an uncontested bucket then letting the offensive player run into you as they're coming down from the shot. I'm definitely infavor of implementing the semi-circles for HS ball.

What you posted sounds more like a argument for the circle not against it. I dont really understand your argument. Plus it would never be used in the younger grades anyways.

I am arguing for it. Notice the bolded statement.
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