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Re: Season Suspension

Postby sportsphenom » Thu Nov 19, 2020 4:25 pm

B-oldtimer wrote:I am going to say something about the masks that may not be popular but for most people only type is having n-95 masks be worn because is the only mask available to public that would be fairly effective to stop the virus from going through your mask into your body. Second is even these mask need to be changed through the day to be effective. The cloth masks most people are wearing stop very little of virus and if they do are collector enough if touched by person wearing masks just hastens chance of infecting your self. Then add in if masks don't fit your face and there is leakage around the masks stopping the effectiveness of the mask and renders it ineffective. It may even make it worse because now you have your breath going by your eyes which is one of major areas where Covid -19 enters your body. Now from my personal observation about masks people are constantly touching there masks either adjusting them or lifting them to have free airflow then touching there faces or again around there eyes again which again is one leading areas for the virus to enter your body. People working in Hospital setting change there masks frequently to maintain sanitary conditions but this is not possible in day to day living and working conditions in the real world. If you read what they recommended about masks before it became politicized this past year effectiveness of masks had little to no effect in stop of spreading viruses. This was official opinion of CDC until we had politics come into play again and was even advised to on television. Distancing and limiting social contact will reduce how fast this virus spreads but the fact is its going to work its way through the population now no matter what we do it just how fast it does. The hospitals, Doctors, politicians, and public need a plan how much resources will be needed until we have reach point of herd immunity. I believe there is large group of people that think we can make this virus disappear but that is not possible anymore. This is a virus were going to have to live with and there will be risks from it especially for us older generation because its of much higher risks to us surviving this virus than younger people. The vaccines in development may be the way to reduce these risks but we won't know how effective they will be and long term effectiveness they will have against the virus. I think people are just looking for magical fix that will stop us from catching this virus but truth is were sooner or later going to catch this virus but my hope is that I will be able to fight it off and survive having it .

100% going to agree with everything you just said, couldn't have said it better myself.
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Re: Season Suspension

Postby Flip » Fri Nov 20, 2020 12:01 am

B-oldtimer wrote:Distancing and limiting social contact will reduce how fast this virus spreads but the fact is its going to work its way through the population now no matter what we do it just how fast it does.

This is only true IF vaccines are ineffective, which doesn't seem to be the case.
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