Parent withdrawel

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Parent withdrawel

Postby ReadyToPlay » Fri Mar 17, 2017 2:52 pm

Just was wondering if any other parents are having withdrawal symptoms when it comes to the end? Your son/daughter started out in 3rd grade playing ball at 3 on 3 tournaments, loaded up with their favorite color of Powerade and brand new tennis shoes, sporting a team uniform tee shirt with the words "lightning" written on it via a magic marker', playing up sometimes to 4th grade level because they didn't have enough players. Exciting, right, getting all prepped up for the big tournament and now getting the "hurry Dad" because you are not getting them to the gym on time (only if I knew where the different school was at), although the game will not start for 2 hours! The parents all congregate on the single side of steel chairs with the curtain separating the two courts, hoping your kid does great, so you can enjoy your convenience store pizza and pop on the drive home. Great time, this will last forever, after all, he/she has several years ahead and not to worry because you have found excitement in your life! Fast forward to where they are now seniors, playing their last home game, but still not worried yet because they have another 2 games away yet and then all the tournament games, just like the previous years! Then the last quarter of their high school career is now ticking down and its over, just over, with all of those earlier years feeling just wasted, or were they? Definitely not as the memories and to be involved with your son/daughter will last a lifetime. But games now are not what they used to be, in my case, because of the vested proud interest I had. I can say, for sure, of one thing though---they are some of the best times I have had as a parent. It would be nice to hear of anyone else's experience or maybe I just need a psychiatrist?
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