2018 State Tournament

Class A Boys
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2018 State Tournament

Postby Run4Fun2009 » Fri Mar 02, 2018 7:26 pm

@ Fargodome & NDSU SHAC
March 8th, 9th, 10th

Thursday, March 8th
G1: W1 (1) Century def. E4 GF Red River 68-44
G2: W3 (4) Mandan def. E2 Shanley 68-53
G3: E1 (RV) WF Sheyenne def. W4 Bismarck St. Mary's 80-70
G4: E3 (3) West Fargo def. W2 Jamestown 85-81 F/OT

Friday, March 9th
G5: E2 Shanley def. E4 GF Red River 89-54
G6: W4 Bismarck St. Mary's def. W2 Jamestown 77-68
G7: W1 (1) Century def. W3 (4) Mandan 63-55
G8: E1 (RV) WF Sheyenne def. W3 (3) West Fargo 69-63

Saturday, March 10th
5th Place: E2 Shanley def. W4 Bismarck St. Mary’s 88-64
3rd Place: W3 (4) Mandan def. E3 (3) West Fargo 104-79
Championship: W1 (1) Century def. E1 (RV) WF Sheyenne 63-56

CHAMPS: (1) Century (25-2)
2nd: (RV) WF Sheyenne (22-5)
3rd: (4) Mandan (22-5)
4th: (3) West Fargo (22-5)
5th: Shanley (18-9)
6th: Bismarck St. Mary's (10-18)

Senior Athlete of the Year: Joe Pistorius, West Fargo
Coach of the Year: Tom Kirshoffner, WF Sheyenne

All-Tournament Team
Century: Kade Amundson, Kade Lynch, Josh Sipes
WF Sheyenne: Kemal Hajric, Christian Kuntz, Zach Westphal
Mandan: Trae Steckler, Elijah Klein
West Fargo: Abdi Sufi
Shanley: Jake Kava
Bismarck St. Mary's: Cole Gendreau

Tournament MVP: Josh Sipes, Century
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