Bismarck's Bowl

Bismarck's Bowl

Postby Juan » Mon Jun 01, 2009 4:57 pm

How much does the artificial turf at the Bismarck Bowl affect the Bismarck teams? Seems the Bismarck teams do well at home but struggle when they get on the grass. (Both in the WDA and at the State Tournament) This is not a criticism of the Bismarck teams but rather I am trying to start a discussion on the impact of that turf. The ball handles differently than grass and it is noticable when young new players play on it for the first time. Could this account for some of the standings at the State Tournament? Anyone have any thoughts or comments?
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Re: Bismarck's Bowl

Postby rrsoccer9 » Tue Jun 09, 2009 1:56 am

We need to talk about how it affects everyone and not just Bismarck as well. I am not sure about their training, but I think most of their training takes place on grass. Is that correct? While only three of their ten games would have been played on grass (mandan, minot, and jamestown). Game preparation could hurt the Bismarck teams dramatically.
What if we talk about the other teams in the west? Minot beat Bismarck there handidly, but lost to Century and St. Mary's... would those games be any different if played on grass and would minot be the subsequent number one seed? Jamestown as well... I know they got beat up pretty bad agains century and st. mary's, but that team is just not suited for the turf. Minot is a bit more suited for it, but affects them because of the inability to train on it none the less. When Jamestown played Bismarck they very well handled the game in every aspect but the score... that is soccer, yes, but could some of that be due to turf. Having the four seed obviously did not affect them much, but it could have helped minot as far as the state tournament goes.
We talk about how the bismarck teams do bad at the state tournament, but St. Mary's has never done well, even when it was in bismarck. Century has a tradition of doing well and I believe fourth is about where they should have ended up in the state.
It is certainly a matter of discussion and in my honest opinion, if the city has the ability to play on grass, soccer should be played there.
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Re: Bismarck's Bowl

Postby CR7 » Tue Jun 09, 2009 11:21 am

None of the bismarck teams train on the turf. the only time we play on it is during the games
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Re: Bismarck's Bowl

Postby formersoccerplayer » Sun Jun 14, 2009 10:46 am

I think the turf favors some teams and hurts others.

For instance. Century is/has been a good passing and possession team. They have good ball control, so therefore the turf helps them, because they can usually move the ball quick on the ground while still maintaining control.

St. Mary's on the other hand has usually been about playing the long ball up the wings or to their forwards. Not exactly the strategy I agree with, but with a good defense and if it is executed effectively they can dominate. The turf hurts them because it bounces a lot more and the ball runs faster, too fast for most players to catch it.

Blaming the pitch surface is like blaming the referees. It's not really valid. Sure, it has some affect, but the best teams will win out anyways. I wish the games were played on grass because the game is a lot more realistic, but oh well.
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