2016 Girls Soccer

2016 Girls Soccer

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Ok, why not get it out there early? Let's see what the pre-season Girls Soccer landscape is across the State...

From the East:

1st: Fargo North. Returning loads of still-young talent from a State Champ team that only got better as the season went along. Lost two inconsequential seniors. Big target on the back, however.
2nd: Shanley. A team with lots of talent; will be returning two impact players from year-long injuries. Certain to contend.
3rd: Davies. Big question is whether Jenny Marsh (Gatorade POTY 2015) plays, or either goes Club or runs track. Even without her, team is balanced; with her, very dangerous.
4th: Grand Forks Red River. A young team on the rise.
5th: South. Best GK in the EDC. They will win more of those close games which they lost last year.
6th: Grand Forks. Not enough elite talent to contend.
8th: West Fargo. Will be decimated by the split with Sheyenne, but has some key talent in the Kramer sisters.
7th: Sheyenne. First year of the split will see this young squad struggle. See 'Bismarck Legacy'.

And the West:
1st: Minot. Excellent combination of athleticism and skill. Lost some players, but will still be formidable.
2nd. Century. Taryn Nemeyer will carry this team.
3rd: Jamestown. The club dynamic is paying off for the Jays. Surprise team of the West?
4th: St. Mary's. Best GK in the state, but somebody's gonna hafta score some goals. And it won't be Joe Cleary. Huge loss for the program and the state.
5th: Bismarck: I'm probably wrong on this one, but I didn't see enough in the State Tournament to warrant higher placement - despite BHS making it to the Championship game.
6th: Legacy: It's a school on a hill. And they are still climbing.
7th. Mandan. For better or worse, soccer success is built on year-round soccer players; or at least, strong summer competitive programs from the clubs.

Right on some things, wrong on others? We'll find out soon enough!
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