2015 Girls Soccer

2015 Girls Soccer

Postby NoDakular_Context » Mon Mar 23, 2015 11:50 am

Anyone want to prognosticate the 2015 Girls HS Soccer Season? Here are some quick observations from an Eastern perspective:

Century lost some very good players. Will be interesting to see how they fill the gaps. Good GK
Bismarck: Don't know a lot, but in general, the Club scene in Bismarck is improving. Should bode well for Bismarck Schools.
St. Mary's: Don't know enough to say.
Minot: Will be better again this year. Got a very good player out of Florida over the winter. Saw her in a winter tournament.
Jamestown: Soccer in Jamestown continues to improve. Expect more good things out of Jamestown.

Grand Forks Central: Don't know. Club scene continues to struggle for stability. Too big a town to not have some good soccer players, though.
Grand Forks RR: same
Fargo South: Very young. Got a terrific new coach in Dave Weiler. Freshman class is outstanding, and should feature several starters. They will be improved.
Fargo Davies: Big question is whether Big 12 Jr. commit Jenny Marsh plays HS, or Club again this Spring. Team should be strong, in any regard.
Fargo Shanley/OG: Will be strong. Similar to Davies, Triller is the wildcard.
Fargo North: Lost a lot of Seniors. Excellent sophomore class. COTY Michelle Crary will have a dangerous team.
West Fargo: Club scene has fallen off at HS age group.. Expect they will be competitive, but not dominant.
Sheyenne: Are they fielding a HS team this year??

Expect Minot, Century, Bismarck, and Jamestown out of the West; Davies and Shanley are the only locks out of the East. 3 and 4 will be up for grabs.
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Re: 2015 Girls Soccer

Postby NoDakular_Context » Mon Jun 01, 2015 3:33 pm

Had the chance to watch much of the Girls State Soccer Tournament; was interested to see how the previous prognostications held up...

Century - First day victim to feisty WF team. Ran into very difficult second game vs. Shanley. Showed pluck, but seemed to lack both exceptional talent and depth.
Minot - As advertised, a very good team with some excellent athletes. Also suffered lack of depth, although talent was there, as observed previously.
Bismarck - Surprising resolve to make it to the Championship game. Win over WF in semi's was impressive.
St. Mary's - Joe Cleary got the most out of his girls. GK is a terrific player. First round win over Davies was epic.

Davies - Nobody saw that first round lost coming. Stunning. They recovered well, and Marsh showed why she was Gatorade POTY. Still...
Shanley - They seemed to never regain their footing from critical injuries to Stover and Kelsh. Tournament might have been very different if not for losing those players.
North - Impressive progression of (previously mentioned) young players. Passing game and defending were spectacular. Sarafolean was a riddle nobody could figure out just how to pronounce, or solve.
WF: Allie Eno willed them to win. Not a great team, but a very good showing.

Crazy tournament. Who'da thunk, 1's and 2's lose all their first round games?? And all those Shootouts/Overtime games?? It certainly made the 1st, 3rd AND 5th place games exceptionally competitive, and entertaining.

See you next year!
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