2013 Boys EDC & WDA Predictions

2013 Boys EDC & WDA Predictions

Postby MHSmagi » Wed Aug 07, 2013 10:45 am

What is everyone's thoughts? With Weiler and Glagoza gone from the EDC, who will take over as the top athletes? Will West Fargo continue to be an EDC powerhouse? Can Shanley stay in the running without their stud goalkeeper? Will a Grand Forks team make it back to state? Does Century have what it takes to repeat their title, or did they lose too much talent? BHS returns a lot of youth as well as Minot. St. Mary's always seems to put together a solid team and returns Ben Weisbeck and Scott Nagel. Will Jamestown be a threat in the West this year? What is everyone's thoughts?
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Re: 2013 Boys EDC & WDA Predictions

Postby Insidethebox » Tue Sep 24, 2013 2:41 pm

So with just a couple of games left here is what I see; EDC still up for grabs with Shanley purley in the diver seat. Jut needing to win two of their last four will get them #1 seed for the third year in a row, impressive. WF needs to win out basicaly and could by thier recent play, definately State contenders.
then 3 and 4 you just need to stay tuned. With Davies finding out how to score and North playing like a more senior team and Central having a good year by thier standards it will come down to the next couple of nights to prove who will go to State. My perdiction Central, Davies.

The west. like the old cliche wild wild west. Bismarck seemed to be on cruise but with a lost to Century and St Mary's defeating Century and Minot having a few licks in as well, well it is anybodies guess. I see Bismarck and St Mary's 1 and 2 with Century and Minot 3-4 respectfuly. Bismarck seems to have the best fire power and if you cannot defend the unideminisanl offence you will be burned. St Mary's by far the most athletic and rounded team I feel finally has the best chance at State the school has ever had. Century can still be contending if it can find some offense because it is difficult to win with defence (although last year this worked out ok for them). Minot just not deep enough but a couple of surprises on a small Jamestown field could put them into the finals at State
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