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2018 Boys Class B Golf ..... who to watch

PostPosted: Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:01 am
by shilohskyhawk
Spring just around the corner should be an interesting season now that Wagner and Fifer have graduated after great careers. Who’s the top returners or players to watch?

In the west
Trace Jacobson SR- Heart River top 10 at state
Michael Schmidt SR - Beulah top 10 at state
Gehrig Geiss Frosh- WMC 11th at state
Andrew Narum Soph- Bowman County
Jase Sailer SR- Beulah
Jayden Ewoniuk SR- Heart River
Seth Hetzel JR- Stanley
Quade Lee SR- Stanley
Carter Valliere SR - Tioga top 10 at state

Those are some of the top returners out this way. Heart River, Tioga and Stanley will be top teams to beat come state tournament time.

Let’s hear who else will be there at the end!

Re: 2018 Boys Class B Golf ..... who to watch

PostPosted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 10:11 am
by ProV1X
Good topic, although with the crazy weather around the state, its hard to believe the season officially starts in less than 3 weeks.

In the East you should see the following teams and individuals contend-

Kindred-5 of 6 back from a third place finish last year. Benson graduated (Top 10 at state)
Oak Grove-Some real good young golfers coming back.
Hillsboro-CV-Always solid and well coached, only graduated one I think. (Reed, he was Top 20 at state a few times)


Sidney Ullyott-So Langdon Area Top 10 at State last year
Grayson Wetch-Fr Oak Grove Top 10 at State last year
Scott Boehning-Fr Oak Grove Solid player, always does well in summer tournaments
Nick Preston-Sr Hillsboro-CV Top 20 at State last year
Landon Reed-So Hillsboro-CV 4th year of varsity golf
Mark Olson-So Kindred Top 20 at State last year
Parker Bartels-So Kindred 4th yr of varsity golf, placed in Top 20 as an 8th grader
Sam Henke-So Kindred 4th yr of varsity golf

There might be more, but those come to mind.

Re: 2018 Boys Class B Golf ..... who to watch

PostPosted: Wed Apr 04, 2018 7:56 am
by ProV1X
Wow, what an awful spring for sports. No real warm up in site. Unfortunately the kids will not get to compete in as many events as scheduled. Hopefully, once it warms up, the weather is nice enough to get quality practice and competitive rounds in to have all kids ready for region(some individual qualifiers are less than 4 weeks away) and state.

I will say it again, probably to deaf ears, but move golf to the fall in North Dakota. It works great for the Class A girls.

Re: 2018 Boys Class B Golf ..... who to watch

PostPosted: Mon Apr 30, 2018 9:49 am
by ProV1X
Region 2 Boys Results from April 27, 2018
Central Cass Invitational-Winds steady at 30, Gusts in the low 40s
At Cottonwood Country Club, Casselton, N.D.
Teams totals
1. Kindred 334. 2. Fargo Oak Grove 340. 3. Hillsboro-Central Valley 359. 4. Mayville-Portland-CG 369. 5. Carrington 372. 6. Central Cass 379. 7. Central Cass Red 389. 8. New Rockford 405.

Top 10 finishers

1. Grayson Wetch, Oak Grove, 78. 2. Parker Bartels, Kindred, 81. 3. Cody Card, Oak Grove, 83. 4. Sam Henke, Kindred; Scott Boehning, Oak Grove; Mark Olson, Kindred; Jacob Fendrick, MPCG, 84. 8. Paul Olson, Kindred, 85. 9. Trace Beumer, Carrington; Ben Schafer, New Rockford and Max McQuillan, Kindred, 86.

Re: 2018 Boys Class B Golf ..... who to watch

PostPosted: Wed May 02, 2018 7:27 am
by ProV1X
Tuesday, May 1
Class B tournament
At Oxbow Country Club
Team totals
1. Kindred 317. 2. Fargo Oak Grove 330. 3. Hillsboro-Central Valley 333. 4. Mayville-Portland-CG 361. 5. Kindred JV 363. 6. Central Cass 383. 7. Carrington 41.
Top 10 finishers
1. Jacob Heinitz, HCV, 75. 2. Grayson Wetch, Oak Grove, 76. 3. Parker Bartels, Kindred, 77. 4. Paul Olson, Kindred, 78. 5. Max McQuillan, Kindred, 79. 6. Nick Preston, HCV, 80. 7. Scott Boehning, Oak Grove, 81. 8. Josh Evans, MPCG, 82. 9. Cody Card, Oak Grove; Mark Olson, Kindred 83.