Postby senser » Mon Nov 08, 2010 2:45 am

vballer wrote:middles almost always jump off of one foot when doing the "slide". Being a high jumper that Larson girl really gets up high enough to hit over the block, that is if the set is high enough.

A slide is run behind the setter. Larson didn't run one slide the entire night. Every run she made was a 1 or a 31 and she jumped off 1 foot. And if the set isn't high enough a hitter needs to learn to hit, or cut around the block, not into it.

I think she's only a sophomore. She'll get better at that when she gets older.
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Postby sportchick03 » Thu Nov 11, 2010 12:40 am

senser wrote:From what I saw of that Kira, she has a long ways to go but she has so much room for growth in her game. I can see the high jump in her approach because she always goes off one foot, and I think that is a detriment to her hitting. She is 6-3 with a long reach, very athletic, and I think she can jump, but she hits everything down and gets blocked a ton. She is only a sophomore though so I'm sure she will. Her blocking is like trying to hit through a wall though. I think she's a great blocker and I'm sure she will improve her hitting, but hey who's going to complain about 30 kills, I certainly wouldn't.

Fargo North has some very good looking volleyball players. There record is very good but not impressive, but when watching that team they looked like they could be flat out dominant. They have some legitimate talent on that team. That tall rangy setter/hitter is very talented as well and a legitimate D2 prospect i think. Anyone know if this team is inconsistent? I have seen all the Class A teams a couple times now, and there isn't a team in the state that is as talented as Fargo north, in my opinion.

Thats strange because when i watched larson play she only got blocked twice in the Red River game. And she was unstoppable when it came to her blocking she blocked asche at least 5 times.
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