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vb4life wrote:No offense given to the players that made it, I know they are great players because obviously they have helped their teams make it that far. I guess my main complaint was that every single award was given to a hitter or setter, not 1 single ds or libero was on that list and those girls work their butts off with little or no recognition. But we all know that hitters get the glory. I guess I would have liked to have seen a more rounded tournament team, let's face it hitters don't get the stats unless someone is working their butt off in the back row.

Well, with hitters getting all the glory. That isn't surprising. There aren't a lot of great hitters in a district, much less a region. So, if you do get one that is consistent and swings hard and accurate, they should get the glory, cuz you can't finish a game in your favor with mediocre hitting. The work it takes them to get their timing and their swing, and then getting around the blocks is quite amazing and fun to watch when a team is lucky enough to get one or more than one. And, in making it to state, you are going to have to have a team who can do it all to put together winning matches.
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vb4life wrote:Who votes for these all tournament teams?? How does Thompson get 3 on there and they got 6th place?? And 2 great defensive players No. Cass and Lamoures liberos didn't get on there?

Well, since this has been edited twice, I am wondering what was all taken out after others have commented. Good to know it would be taken out if it is misleading or degrading student athletes.
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vb4life wrote:
ndlionsfan wrote:I agree and thought the same when I saw the list. I think the media selects the team and it almost seems like they are preselected or done after the first day based on name recognition?

This is one thing I hate about all-tournament teams, not only in volleyball, but basketball too. How can you decide who makes all tournament when you haven't voted on all the games that they played?? I think this team would be a lot different if it was voted after the whole tournament was over with.

Hate is a strong word. Why get so worked up over all tournament team selection. Very obviously everyone has good players and some outstanding in order to make it to the state tourney. Those who stood out as elite and doing things that the other players can't do, should be recognized, and I would guess they were. If the committee wasn't impressed after two games, then the third game isn't going to be enough to change their mind.
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vb4life wrote:I believe it is hard to seed any tournament as not everyone sees everyone and you go by stats, records, schedule etc. Coaches are making their decision on seeding based on this information. I like the idea of using Run's QVF rating instead of the seeding. But like he said, the way the QVF rating went this year it was seeded right. Volleyball is up and down. Teams can play great one day and have a down day the next day. Many what ifs. I know looking at the Lamoure/Stanley game if Stanley wouldn't have missed 15 serves and some of them late in games they probably would have won that match. I guess that's what makes volleyball exciting and frustrating as a coaches and fans point of view.

I like the way the seeding worked, the coaches actually had the say in it, instead of bystanders. Coaches tend to keep up with all the top teams in the state, or do their homework to find out about them. As far as, Stanley could have won if their serving was better. That is a factor, but who is to say that if they would have gotten the serves in that Lamoure wouldn't have scored from it. They did so often. Service errors occur when you try to serve more aggressively than you can handle. After the lopsided first set where Lamoure team seemed to be mentally on top of the game, the sets were evenly fought, with the last battle not having missed serves in the final three points. Lamoure showed their determination and didn't back down with their comeback. I don't specifically recall all the events of the last set, but the paper clarified that Carlson got the last three points for Lamoure with a block and 2 kills. So, hardly thinking that somehow one could say that Stanley likely would have won the match if only they could have served better. You are not a championship quality team if you continue to serve poorly. Unforced errors make the difference from great teams to teams that could have been, only if...
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