Past State Champions (Class B)

Past State Champions (Class B)

Postby Run4Fun2009 » Tue Mar 19, 2013 1:13 am

Class B Past State Champions (1989 - 2015)

1989: Beulah, Park River-Pisek, Cavalier, Page, Harvey, Alexander, Napoleon, Des Lacs-Burlington
1990: Center, Park River-Pisek, Alexander, Lakota, Central Cass, Harvey, Edgeley, Des Lacs-Burlington
1991: Des Lacs-Burlington, Beulah, Alexander, Walhalla, Central Cass, Harvey, Thompson, Edgeley
1992: Park River-Pisek, Kenmare, Beulah, Central Cass, Bottineau, Alexander, Nelson County, Edgeley
1993: Hazen, Langdon, Des Lacs-Burlington, Hillsboro, Central Cass, Westhope-Souris, Tioga, Edgeley
1994: Central Cass, Lisbon, Hazen, Westhope-Souris, Tioga, Northwood, Park River-Pisek, Des Lacs-Burlington
1995: Beulah, Ray, Des Lacs-Burlington, Bottineau, Napoleon, Park River-Pisek, Hankinson, Thompson
1996: Beulah, Thompson, Bottineau, Central Cass, Napoleon, Park River, Watford City, Kenmare
1997: Thompson, Park River, Beulah, Central Cass, Watford City, Maddock, Stanley, Oakes
1998: Thompson, Kenmare, Ray, Central Cass, Bottineau, Park River, Wishek, Dickinson Trinity
1999: May-Port-CG, Hazen, Tioga, Langdon, Fargo Oak Grove, Des Lacs-Burlington, Bottineau, Napoleon
2000: Hillsboro, Hazen, Langdon, May-Port-CG, Oakes, Ray, Leeds, Kenmare
2001: May-Port-CG, Trenton, Hettinger, Central Cass, LaMoure, Langdon, Rolla-Rock Lake, Des Lacs-Burlington
2002: May-Port-CG, Central Cass, Langdon, Berthold, Watford City, Hettinger, Bottineau, North Sargent
2002: Central Cass, May-Port-CG, Bottineau, LaMoure, Langdon, Flasher, Dickinson Trinity, Trinity Christian
2003: Langdon, Watford City, Berthold, Thompson, Hazen, Wyndmere, LaMoure, Flasher
2004: Thompson, Our Redeemer's, Dickinson Trinity, Langdon, Central Cass, Ray, LaMoure, Turtle Lake-Mercer
2005: Thompson, Bottineau, Langdon, Ray, Dickinson Trinity, Ellendale, Oakes, Flasher
2006: Hillsboro, Kenmare, Tioga, Dickinson Trinity, Langdon, Flasher, Lisbon, Edgeley-Kulm
2007: Kenmare, Lisbon, Langdon, Dickinson Trinity, Thompson, Center-Stanton, LaMoure, Ray
2008: Langdon, Dickinson Trinity, Kenmare, L-M-M, Lisbon, Center-Stanton, Thompson, Stanley
2009: Kenmare, Hazen, Stanley, Linton-HMB, Wyndmere-Lidgerwood, Park River-FL, Harvey, Flasher
2010: Langdon, Linton-HMB, Kenmare, Stanley, Central Cass, Beach, Park River-FL, New Salem
2011: Central Cass, Stanley, Midkota, Linton-HMB, Kenmare, Hatton-Northwood, Beulah, Grant County
2012: Kindred, Langdon, Park River-FL, Linton-HMB, Our Redeemer's, Flasher, Ray, Dickinson Trinity
2013: Northern Cass, LaMoure, Carrington, Stanley, Mohall-Lansford-Sherwood, Thompson, Beulah, Grant County
2014: North Star, Hankinson, Our Redeemer's, Hazen, Napoleon-Gackle-Streeter, Thompson, Grant County, Ray
2015: LaMoure, Langdon-Munich, Hankinson, Our Redeemer's, Finley-Sharon-Hope-Page, Hazen, Shiloh Christian, Ray
2016: LaMoure, Our Redeemer's, Langdon/Edmore-Munich, Kindred, Park River-FL, Hazen, Ray, Center-Stanton
2017: LaMoure-LM, Thompson, Langdon/Edmore/Munich, Our Redeemer's, Central Cass, Watford City, Dickinson Trinity, Shiloh Christian
2018: Thompson, Oakes, Langdon/Edmore/Munich, Northern Cass, Dickinson Trinity, Center-Stanton, Our Redeemer's, Kenmare
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Re: Past State Champions (Class B)

Postby B-oldtimer » Thu Oct 08, 2015 9:44 pm

I just went through the list there are 53 different schools that have gone to state tournament. This means out of 208 possible openings we have had little over just 25% of time different teams reaching state. There are about 120 school so about 45% of schools have made it to the state tournament with 55 never reaching state tournament. I looked at NE North Dakota which I am familiar with 14 schools have gone to the state tournament over last 26 years out of roughly 30 schools so about 50% of the schools have went. They were Langdon 14 times and 3 state titles, Thompson 11 and (4), Park River 10 and (1), Mayport 5 and (3), Northstar 1 and (1), Harvey 2 and (0), Northwood 2 and (0), Cavalier, Carrington, Lakota, Leeds, Maddock, And Rolla/Rock Lake all making one appearance. The Ne won the state title 12 times out 26 times just short of 50% of the time. What I could see that certain schools have dominated over the years and I believe large part of that has been coaching and quality of the program these schools have put together over the years Like langon, Thompson, and Park River has provided there kids with.
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Re: Past State Champions (Class B)

Postby ProudPirate » Sat Nov 21, 2015 2:11 am

Thanks for posting these. They are interesting. Being from Region 1 I can brag a little seeing someone from Region 1in the title game last 4/5 years & definitely could have been again. Also with the majority of state winners coming from a couple of regions over the last decade there is definite dominance out east. Is it because of the school size? Competition level? Could be combination of things.
UND has had a few Region 1 kids playing recent years seeming to do ok at D1 level. No disrespect to any of the teams making state tournaments, it's just a couple regions stand out at the end.
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Re: Past State Champions (Class B)

Postby Wilbur » Mon Aug 28, 2017 9:18 pm

My prediction is that unless LaMoure gets hit with a rash of injuries, they will be the first team to three-peat in State Class B Volleyball.
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Re: Past State Champions (Class B)

Postby HighSchoolSportsFan » Wed Sep 06, 2017 5:19 pm

Wilbur wrote:My prediction is that unless LaMoure gets hit with a rash of injuries, they will be the first team to three-peat in State Class B Volleyball.

LaMoure would have to be considered the odds-on favorite to "3-peat" I would think. They have a very strong nucleus back from a team that has obviously won back to back state titles including arguably the best VB player in the state. It looks like they have bolstered their schedule a little this year as well as they played in the Northern Cass tournament and also have the DLB tournament on their schedule in addition to the Central Cass tournament and the Valley City tournament which they have always played in.
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