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Postby 10thousandfists2 » Sun Sep 27, 2009 8:59 pm

theman wrote:
10thousandfists2 wrote:
theman wrote:
10thousandfists2 wrote:Alan Neer-84 Bismarck his son Zach Neer is try to be better than his father but not happening so far
Zach's credentials-05 doubled out 06 1-2 (the win was against his cousin Seth Neer) 07 5th place 08 2nd place

But no one in ND can beat Scott Schiller in recent years

10thousand fists should not be thrown at someone because they have some rough times. I personally know Zach Neer, and I know that he's in wrestling because he loves it, not because he's trying to be better than his dad. Just because his dad was good doesn't mean that Zach has to live up to expectations. Zach could probably beat you anyday

I know Zach Neer better then you and I never said he was wrestling just to be better then his dad. Also I have wrestled him to screw around, and not sweet he'd beat me I'm not a wrestler but doesn't mean I don't know my sweet

Read your own comment. You specifically said that he is trying to better than his dad. .

Please tell me how you know Zach Neer, please

I know him more than anyone in this world...he's like a best friend to me..if you knew how a writers opinion is you'd know what I'm talking about

He loves wrestling yeah....but as a wrestler in a wrestling family he takes after his father so obviously he wants to be better then him
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