Favorite time of year...

Favorite time of year...

Postby SportShots » Mon Nov 10, 2008 2:58 pm

For me Wrestling season is my favorite time of year. I see the matches from the edge of the mat through a lens. No cheering and no favorites, at least not openly so it effects my photo work.
Living near Rugby I cover more Rugby wrestling and it helps that Ken Higbee and coaches have the kids doing well with the program on the rise.

Coach Zinke at Rolla is getting his kids ready too. They are fun to photograph as well. Most of the teams are.

If you see me matside with the cameras and press pass feel free to say hi during tournaments or the matches. If I can't talk much then, catch me after. Love wrestling and the wrestling fans. As much fun to photograph the action as it is T-Ball kids each summer. If you want to follow along with by viewing some of the images go to http://www.SportShots.org and take a look. No obligation for anything. If you are looking for some help with improving your photos, give me a hollar. Yep, the Joe Montana on avatar is one of mine from NFL photo days. I also put together workshops and presentations for High School yearbook and school newspaper photographers and teachers. After all, in twenty years you will only have some memories, stories and if things go as normal, very few photos from whatever career your or your kids had in High School.

Just memember to coach your kids on the basics. Good clean wrestling, no injuries and when you do a big move... make sure to face the camera! :wink:

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