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I just watched little league tournament where they had pitch counts limits and I understand the concept of protecting kids arms. These were teams made up from small towns where rosters not deep with talent or numbers so as they progressed for the day teams were putting up kids that had difficult time to pitch or probably wouldn't have been pitching in the past without pitch count limits. But with the current pitch count limits most kids can't complete even a game even under normal conditions and especially for little league where they are learning to throw ball for control. The pitch count of 75 pitches would even difficult for major leaguers to complete a game with that pitch count. The result is we get more kids pitching who shouldn't be pitching and games get to be marathons. I think this hurts baseball because nobody likes games where they become marathons and especially for the kids playing the games. I don't know how to fix this because I understand the need to protect kids but it seems to me we have gone to far in one direction on this. I remember as kids when I was young we played baseball all day long for fun and I know we threw more than 75 times during a day. I think it comes down to coaches, parents, and umpires to monitor the game watch kids as they play to see if they are throwing to much not a pitch count. I believe this how we develop and build arm strength over period of time and what needs to be taught. Also not letting your little leaguers throw anything but fastball and changeup because I believe more arms have been hurt by kids throwing curve and sliders than throwing to many pitches. But I would like to here some thoughts on this.
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