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tarheels420 wrote:(IMO) south has the best staff

West fargo has the 2nd best.

Pribula is the ace. gronbeck and strahm are average. jorgenson and kiefer are below average. kiefer struggles to throw strikes. dahl only started 2 games for west fargo, only one conference game against wahpeton where he had 10 k's in 6 innings and showed tremendous upside as a 15 year old excelling at the varsity level.

Strahm threw a no-no, so that would make him better than average. Jorgenson can hit spots all day with his fastball, and that is not below average. Dahl is the ace of the babe ruth traveling team that goes to the cal ripken world series. He only got to pitch against Wahpeton because the coach wasn't very fond of bringing jv1 kids up to varsity for game experience. Dahl could've beaten North or RR easy. He's got a fastball that tops in the high 70s low 80s, a good changeup, a curve, and he's been working on a slider and it's sick. Watch out for any perfect games when he's a senior.

babe ruth is nothing like quality varsity teams, and quality does not include wahpeton. the coach knows more about his players than you do and he is not biased (i am guessing your one of this kids friends) therefore he makes the best decision for the team. if he thought this 15 year old babe ruth "ace" was the best chance his team had at winning the kid would have pitched more than just against wahpeton. and a fastball that tops in the high 70s low 80s is very average.

I'll say it as simply as I can. Most of the teams that they play at the world series could compete with any high school teams in the state, and Dahl pitches well against them. His babe ruth coach was my coach in high school ball, and he gets stuff off at any pitch that isn't at the spot. He demands perfection. Also, I'd say low 80s fastball is pretty good for a kid not even 16.
Low 80's fastball is pretty good for north dakota wood bats but thats not his forte he changes speeds good and has hitters guessing; he throws his curveball for strikes and then has a nasty changeup for a strikeout pitch

Exactly..............If you can bear with me and let me make a comparison with someone you would know, it almost sounds like Kevin Slowey. He's not overpowering, but he's got great offspeed stuff.

Dahl pitched against 15u USA selects in omaha in the semi finals and got the win 10-3. coaches only allowed fastball changeup and 2-3 curveballs all game. proof that dahl has command of fastball and changeup, the 2 most important pitches

once again id prob take this kid deep
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