Shiloh Christian vs New Salem-Glen Ullin

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Shiloh Christian vs New Salem-Glen Ullin

Postby steel » Mon Oct 02, 2017 11:23 am

Any insights or predictions. NSGU has excellent and big QB, great coach. Shiloh has an excellent line, especially Ogbu and great RB in Fagerland. I think NSGU throws a little more, dont know if they have the size to compete with Shiloh and their box-type offense that they run very well. Winner will get homefield throughout and the region championship. I will take Shiloh 36-24 even though I would like to see it go the other way.
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Re: Shiloh Christian vs New Salem-Glen Ullin

Postby raider » Wed Oct 04, 2017 10:52 am

Shiloh could win this game by quite a bit. They have the bigger line, are disciplined and are very well coached. Their depth is deeper in quality and faster at most positions. NSGU can play flat at the beginning of games.

NSGU has improved as the season has gone on but I don't think if they start flat against Shiloh they can overcome that. if they come out flat, Shiloh could dominate this game.

They will compete with Shiloh if they can contain on the edges and challenge deep throws. i don't know that NSGU will be able to pass consistently on Shiloh with Bismarck's line and DB/LB coverage. they do have athletes that can make big plays though and are fairly well rounded at most positions. I think the running ability of NSGU QB will be the difference.

Shiloh has played at a high level all season but besides a muddy game in Beach haven't been challenged. NSGU has played at Bismarck's level at times but not consistently. I will predict NSGU to step up to the challenge and stop Shiloh's regular season win streak. This should be a physical game regardless of the score. I'll say NSGU 38 Shiloh 32.
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Re: Shiloh Christian vs New Salem-Glen Ullin

Postby bulldog_power » Thu Oct 05, 2017 10:04 pm

Raider I saw Shiloh and New Salem play this year and don’t think Shiloh is faster than New Salem. New Salem plays a physical style of football that is very comparable to what Shiloh has. Seeing both play I would say New Salem seemed more physical overall. I don’t think Shiloh will be able to stay with New Salem because they will be able to wear Shiloh down as the game goes along. It will be tight the first half, but New Salem pulls away in the second half. I will take New Salem 38-20
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Re: Shiloh Christian vs New Salem-Glen Ullin

Postby Sorenson23 » Fri Oct 06, 2017 6:38 pm

I agree with bulldog_power. New Salem will end Shiloh's winning streak. But 30-24 New Salem-GU.
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