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Postby Mandan » Mon Oct 10, 2016 8:54 pm

The Schwab wrote:as of right now not many kids from NE play for trinity (not sure on exact number, but I don't think it's more than 8 ). Next year from what I was told they would have 20+ kids out for football in the co-op with MR

EDIT: Just went and looked at Trinity's roster on NDHSAA and I recognize 3 names as being New England kids.

The Dickinson Press had an article about the co-op ending. There are 9 players listed as being from New England. I know earlier in the year I saw a story with a New England administrator talking like there were only a couple of kids going up there and the whole thing was negative, but there's not a lot of negative in this article from either side. ... ew-england

New England wanted to co-op with Mott-Regent years ago, but Mott-Regent didn't want to do it because it would have pushed them up to class A. So New England went to the only school that was willing to take them that was decently close. I do agree that it makes sense to switch to Mott-Regent to have small-town school play with small-town school, but the negative talk to get there was confusing to me.
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