Rugby/Bottineau ending

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Rugby/Bottineau ending

Postby justplayalready » Sat Oct 06, 2018 1:52 am

This was nearly an once in a decade type ending...

Set Up. Rugby up 2 late running out clock. Rugby ran their 3rd down play and get a bit of homer assist on the play clock (1 on each end of field) The game clock will expire about a half second before the play clock...Game Over. Rugby lines up to run their 4th down play, and for some reason Rugby calls a time out with 2 seconds left on game clock.

Rugby snaps ball on 4th down play. QB goes back and horn sounds. Everyone stops for a second and QB flips ball to ref(looked backwards) A Ref (not sure which official)does blow whistle and wave it done...Bottineau kid grabs ball(not sure if ref dropped ball or kid grabbed it from him and houses it.

Bottineau argues QB was never down and still a live ball(which was correct). Officials rule they whistled play done and game over(which i think is also correct). Rugby wins. Rugby gets a playoff birth.

No real comment on the ending right or wrong...just how football at this level can be what should have been a game over, that nearly went the other way..
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Re: Rugby/Bottineau ending

Postby bequickdonthurry » Sat Oct 06, 2018 2:11 am

The apparent inadvertent whistle is Bottineau's doom here. If I got this right, because of the inadvertent whistle the down should have been replayed. You'd think that Rugby on a replay would do the right thing and take a knee after time expires.
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