Region 2 Football - 2018

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Region 2 Football - 2018

Postby the old guy » Tue Jul 24, 2018 8:03 pm

Just throwing it out there; any early predictions on favorites in Region 2?
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Re: Region 2 Football - 2018

Postby Flip » Tue Jul 24, 2018 9:46 pm

Some region 2 talk in the another thread. Looks like Carrington is the favorite.
defensewinsgames wrote:Region 2 - I think Carrington is the team to beat. They return a lot of key players. Langdon loses everyone (but a couple linemen and the 2 freshmen twins). It will be interesting to see if they can retool enough to stay competitive. Harvey should be a decent team again. IMO this region is way more open than it was this year. Park River brings back their stud at QB who was one of the better play makers in the region, if they can put more around him this year they might make some noise.

Flip wrote:I thought Langdon returned 4 out 5 of their OL? That's a decent start.

defensewinsgames wrote:They lose their two best linemen they bring back the other ones. Otto and Haslekaas were both seniors but yes with Otto hurt they had other kids getting playing time so it depends on who you call the starters I suppose. I think losing Delvo, Economy, Peebles, Tetrault, Otto, and Haselkaas with only 21 other kids on the roster will be tough to overcome. New QB and all new skill players is often tough to overcome. I know the Romfo twins were contributing quite a bit at the end of the season though. So maybe 3 linemen and the Romfos is enough to keep them competitive in a wide open region.

Farmerkev wrote:I believe that from the East it will be Carrington, most of the line and the two running backs are all Juniors it is a very heavy junior class. I think Park River will also be in the mix very good team this year and very young! So to deflate the bubble but no way Langdon is the team they were this year can't lose that much and still make playoff run not going to happen. Hillsboro will be okay but that line unbelievable and hard to replace.
I think that region 1 is open to a lot of teams no clear #1 but region 2 has clear favorite in Carrington! Very interesting about Trinity I don't know much from the West! Thanks

Sorenson23 wrote:Region 2- Carrington, Harvey-WC, Park River-F-L Langdon

madseason wrote:Region 2- Carrington, Harvey-WC, Park River-F-L Langdon
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Re: Region 2 Football - 2018

Postby Region2FootballFan » Sat Jul 28, 2018 1:36 pm

1. Carrington: One of the better teams in the state if not the best team. Return some skilled guys that will give them a shot at a state title. I don’t think anyone in this region will knock them off.

2. Langdon: I think this team will have enough talent and experience to secure the 2 seed and return to the playoffs. This is obviously a different team then last year. They won’t win games by 30+ it will be a one/two score ball games. But with Krivarchka at HC and the kids that played under this team the last two years they know what it takes to win games.

3. HWC: Made the playoffs last year, return some quality players, always competitive. They will return to the playoffs this year. I think the 2/3 seed will be determined in week 3 when they play Langdon.

4. Park River: Have one of the most athletic kid in the state at QB which will be enough for them to sneak into the playoffs. This team didn’t make the playoffs last year so you know they will be hungry to get back.

5. Bottineau: This team is a hit or miss. One week they come ready to play and then the next week they look weak. I think they have some talent to do some damage it’s just how they use it.

6. Rugby: not much say about this team. They’ve been struggling the last couple years, maybe they make a break through.

7/8. WNG/Cooperstown: both these teams are ready to move down to 9 man.
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Re: Region 2 Football - 2018

Postby B-oldtimer » Mon Jul 30, 2018 12:47 pm

Langdon looses a lot from last years team but they do return kids that got a lot of playing time last year. They return good portion of their lineman from last year plus some kids that got hurt last year should be back. The younger Delvo kid may surprise some at quarter back for the coming year. Romfo kids will be there to fill some of skill positions and they have some younger kids that could develop into some good players. Kirvarchka will adjust how they play as team to get most out of his talent I think they will be looking to be a playoff team and hope they develop with this young group of kids.
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Re: Region 2 Football - 2018

Postby defensewinsgames » Sun Aug 12, 2018 12:31 pm

I think that the region falls into 4 tiers this year. Tier 1 is Carrington, Tier 2 is Langdon and Harvey, Tier 3 is Bottineau and Park River, Tier 4 is Rugby, Central Dakota, Westhope. My opinion of Region 2:

Tier 1. Carrington - This isn't even close. Carrington is the best team in the state. They return almost every major contributor they had last year. They experienced playing in some big games last year and if they can get growth out of some of their complimentary pieces they should be really hard to knock off. The kicker is always the numbers of those former AA teams (Hillsboro, Beulah, etc).

Tier 2. Langdon - They lost a ton from last year however they do return some pieces, they have a lot of big game experience, and they had a pretty good JV squad last year. The two Romfo twins, the younger Delvo, and a few returning linemen is a good start but it will depend on what they can fill in around them. More-so than any other team in the region this squad will look totally different than the last few years.

Harvey - They are right there with Langdon. Rumor has it they lost their best player but they are a tough squad. They are always competitive and end up being one of the grittiest and hard-nosed teams in the region every year. I think a stingy defense and hard-nosed running game will help them compete. This team will be battling for the two seed in this region.

Tier 3. Park River - Return maybe the best player in the region at QB/S. They lose their whole line and have now phased out that group that played in the two state championships. I see this as their first "re-tooling" year as they don't have anyone left who has competed in the playoffs (outside of the first round loss to Ellendale-EK two years ago). I think they under-achieved last year and will be hungry to rebound. Zavalney will keep them competitive but it will all come down to what they can put around him. They need a running game to take some pressure off of the QB.

Bottineau - The most up and down team in the region last year. They lost badly to teams they should have played much tougher and beat teams they should have struggled more with. They return kids with that experience not being consistent so hopefully they know how to avoid those disappointments this year. This team will push for that final playoff spot in the region and if they put it all together could make it in.

Tier 4. Rugby - Could compete for the last playoff spot if they really improved over the offseason but I think this will be a year where they struggle to find wins other than against the bottom couple teams in the region.

Westhope - Was competitive last year but that was largely based on their QB. I think this will be a team short on numbers and depth who struggles this year.

Central Dakota - Don't think they find the win column this year. Were really short on numbers last year and I don't think it will improve this year. Seems to be a down stretch in numbers which makes it really hard to even hang around with the bigger squads.

My playoff teams are: 1 seed - Carrington, 2 seed - Harvey, 3 seed - Landgon, and 4 seed- Park River-FL. Carrington is the only team that will make much noise heading into the playoffs but I really think Region 2 will field playoff teams that others would like to avoid.
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Re: Region 2 Football - 2018

Postby pterodactyl5 » Sun Aug 26, 2018 9:32 pm

Park River's Adam Zavalney, I think is one of the most athletic kids throughout the whole state. If PRFL is going to do anything this year, they are going to have to rely on him to stay healthy and have a great game, every game.
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