Pick the winners in the High School Playoffs

The teams in Class AA.

Pick the winners in the High School Playoffs

Postby scc » Fri Oct 16, 2009 1:53 pm

Check out http://www.NDPlayoffs.com for this year's High School Football Playoffs Contest.

The game is separated into five rounds:

Round 1: 9-Man 1st Round
Round 2: 9-Man 2nd Round and Class A 1st Round
Round 3: 9-Man, A, AA, AAA Quarterfinals
Round 4: 9-Man, A, AA, AAA Semifinals
Round 5: Dakota Bowl

Selections may be made on a round-by-round basis. Round 2 will not open for picks until round 1 is finished, and so on...

Thanks and good luck!
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