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Re: All-School Teams

Postby Leprekan317 » Thu Mar 19, 2009 3:13 pm

I think Williston would be

C-Brian Qvale
F-Brent Qvale
F-Phil Jackson
G-Jeremy Huss
G-James Hennessy

With the Schmitz Brothers, coming off the bench, and Shawn (?) Huss too.
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Re: All-School Teams

Postby jtdc492 » Mon Mar 23, 2009 10:05 am

Rolette Comets:

Larry Linson
Steve Danielson
Dave Agnes
Wayne Hopfinger
Les Thomas
Guy Smith
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Re: All-School Teams

Postby Schmidty22 » Thu Mar 04, 2010 12:46 pm

Century Basketball

John Fraase
Billy Michelsen
Travis Sturdevant
Bruce Govig
Eric Grey Cloud
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Re: All-School Teams

Postby woodchuck10 » Fri Mar 11, 2011 7:37 pm

St. John Woodchucks

PG-Kyle Gladue
SG-Nathan Gustafson
SF-Larry Laducer
PF-Jade Martin
C-Mike Bryant

Cobretti Parisien (probly should be starting)
Frank Henry
Charles Bryant
Jade Davis
Josh Davis
Jason Hendrickson
Mike Vandal

team consists of late 90's and 00's players. there were some good players in the 90's 80's and 70's also that i didnt put on here does Rick Richards, Roger McGillis, DJ McGillis, Lorne Jay, Randy Patnaude, Pat Patnaude, Jeremy Hoover ring a bell to anyone?
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Re: All-School Teams

Postby cardinal10 » Sat Mar 12, 2011 11:22 pm

Carrington-this is a start
Doug Berglund
Howard Berglund
Greg Brickner
Jimmy Kleinsasser
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Re: All-School Teams

Postby Old Baller » Mon Jun 13, 2011 1:09 am

Here are seven players for my all-school team from Wing (later WTPR). Positions may not be totally accurate as I'm going from memory. I have been away from ND for decades and have probably overlooked some equally worthy players.

G - Scott Wolff - All State point guard in the early '00's. Extremely quick, tough to defend. Had a great state tournament in '01 when Wing took 5th. Has to be in the discussion of best Class B players ever under 6 ft.

G - Tim Mickelson - Late 70's; honorable mention All State I believe. Floor general on the first teams from Wing to make the state tournament in '77 (3rd) and '78 (4th). Played Juco ball at Bottineau and later at U. of Mary I beleve.

G - Mike Heidt - Late 70"s; backcourt mate of Mickelson in high school and at Bottineau.

C - Darrell Oswald - All State in the late '80's. Played Juco ball at Bottineau also.

F - Dennis "Mike" Krein - Mid '60's. Played way bigger than 6 ft; great leaper. Played down low and could outrebound and score over much taller players. Transferred (was recruited) to Bismarck St. Mary's his senior year as a starter on their varsity.

F - Rick Heidt - Early 60's. Great scorer; played basketball and baseball (pitcher) at Concordia as freshman. Injured in an auto accident that ended his playing days.

G/F - Roger Koski - Early '70's. Very good all-around athlete with great quickness. Superb track athlete and State sprint champion in '72, taking 1st in 100 and 220 and 2nd in 440 (yards, not meters).
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Re: All-School Teams

Postby Run4Fun2009 » Mon Jun 13, 2011 8:26 am

Oak Grove

G - Zack Larson (2003-06) - #1 Career Pts (1330); School Record 45 points in a game; #5 Career Steals (169); #5 Career Assists (286); 1st Team All-State (2006).

G - Shayden Akason (2009-11) - #3 Career Pts (997); #1 Career Assists (400); #4 Career Steals (176); School Record 15 Assists in a game (2010 State - 5th Place game); Back-to-Back trips to State (2010 - 6th & 2011 - 5th); 1st Team All-State (2011).

G - Nick Hall (1998-01) - #2 Career Assists (340); #2 Career Steals (238); School Record 14 Steals in a game; Back-to-Back trips to State (2000 - CHAMPS & 2001 - 7th).

G - Jeff Conant (1974-77) - #11 Career Pts (821); #4 Career Assists (313); #1 Career Steals (243).

G/F - Evan Holt (2009-11) - #8 Career Pts (842 - would have had over 1,000 had he not gotten hurt in 2010); One of the Best 3-Point shooters in school history (119 Career 3's); Several spectacular dunks his junior and senior years; Back-to-Back trips to State (2010 - 6th & 2011 - 5th); 2nd Team All-State (2011).

F - Tom Lybeck (1998-00) - Great Shooter (704 points); #6 Career Steals (162); Was key player on 2000 State Title team.

F - Sam Olson (2008-10) - #5 Career Pts (901); #7 Career Steals (149); #2 Career Rebounds (522); 2nd Team All-State (2010).

F - Sean Keating (1999-2001) - #10 Career Pts (828); #5 Career Rebounds (472); #8 Career Blocks (91); Back-to-Back trips to State (2000 - CHAMPS & 2001 - 7th).

F - Dylan Dangerfield (2009-11) - #9 Career Pts (838); #7 Career Assists (198); #2 Career Blocks (146); Back-to-Back trips to State (2010 - 6th & 2011 - 5th).

C - Kent Hannestad (1978-83) - 5-year Starter; #2 Career Points (1207); #1 Career Rebounds (715); #1 Career Blocks (190); School Record 9 Blocks in a Game.

C - Aaron Ankrum (1999-01) - #4 Career Pts (968); #4 Career Rebounds (509); #3 Career Blocks (137); Most Dunks in School History; Back-to-Back State appearances (2000 - CHAMPS & 2001 - 7th).

C - Mike Hanson (1986) - Played one year at Oak Grove (played college ball at Valparaiso); 1986 Season Stats - 514 Points; 242 Rebounds; 78 Blocks; 5 Dunks in a game; 36 Dunks for Season; Shot 63% from the floor; State appearance - 7th.
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Re: All-School Teams

Postby willburroughs » Fri Jul 29, 2016 1:59 pm

north_border_eagles2106 wrote:I'll do this again but just from the North Border Eagles co-op.


Tanner Carpenter
Dennis Delude
Zak Winkler
Nathan Carrier
Aaron Bonaime

Warren Eagan
Jason Tryan
Matt Defoe
Brett Stanhope
Travis Stegman
Dustyn Chale
Paul Meyer

Hmmm. Eight years later, see if anybody views this:

Understanding that your team is predominantly from later years, but allow me to introduce some 50+ years of perspective. First of all, I can say with absolute confidence that the best Pembina/Neche/North Border team I ever saw was NOT the team that won State. The mid-80's team that got beat in the regional finals was unreal. Big and athletic. Like watching 5 race horses steaming up and down the court. The title team would have had no answers for their front court. Vosper was 6'4". Don't think he could touch the rim jumping off one foot, but was the best 2-foot jumper I saw. Opening tip against Edinburgh, he was a full hand above Guldseth. Volk and Anderson were matchup nightmares. The backcourt was athletic but average. Hagerty was an epic ball-handler and could shoot. Fun to watch. Jarvis was an absolute lockdown defender and that was about it.

Cory Berg- 6'2", played about 6 inches taller. Just destroyed people on the block. I believe he scored something like 40 points one game, on 18 for 18 from the field and 4 for 4 from the line.
Both Volks
Austin was the better player. Kind of reminded me of Greg when Greg was out of high school a couple of years. Athletic and a pure scorer (first in state his senior year, I believe).
Greg was raw in high school, but like Berg, played 1/2 foot taller than he was. Huge jumper and dominant rebounder. Rumor has it, in a amateur league game, he took Steve Brekke (sp?) behind the woodshed for about 45 points.
Brian Anderson. 6'3" with an absolutely explosive first step.
Old School: Dean Ritter. Broad shoulder, bullish, with a complete game.
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Postby UNDSiouxfan » Tue Aug 02, 2016 11:26 am

dlsiouxfan wrote:Devils Lake High School

Starters:  PG Ryan Johnson (Minot State), SG Justin Johnson (opted not to play college ball to attend college in New York), SG Blaine O' Gorman (UND Football and All- American DB),SF Travis Mertens (Mr. Basketball),and since we've never had a true center PF Josh Johnson (UND).  Reserves: G Jason Palmer (LRSC), F Kermit Cooper (LRSC), C Cal Ihry (Dickinson State), and Travis' Dad at C Joe Mertens. 


A couple of names missed here:

Brent Hanson - F 1988. Had a monster year, I would have him on this list. He dominated in the paint and I believe he was only 6'2"

Scott Deutsch - was two time all state, he was a lefty that was tough to stop

Brian O'Gorman SG - Blaine's older brother, he could shoot the lights out
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