Best single game performance.

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Re: Best single game performance.

Postby winner-within » Sun Jun 05, 2011 12:43 am

My brother, who hasn't had a drivers license since 1987....lives at a mission......but was the best Athlete I have ever been around, won at everything (although all we had was Basketball, everything else we had to pry our way into) he's one year older than me.

We had gotten a new coach my Junior Year, My Brother was a senior coming off a 4 and 15 junior year....the true Starting five that year played only six games together, because of suspensions and such (they were unbelievably talented) but continuously rebelling and absolutely no Coach....Our Coach had taken Minto to State with the Davorak's in the mid 70's then he came back to his home town and wanted to Substitute teach and decided to take the Head Coaching Job for extra cash.
After 3 years of that non-sense the School board finally Hired the new Coach, fresh outa VC State (4 year football player)
My brother was a Senior and could sense that we finally had someone who cared.... he went to work (along with the football Player coach) on Strength training (something we had never been around)...we followed.

About the 5th game into the Season, our young new Coach was using everything to get us pumped, he brought out an old Game book from a few years prior, showing us that the team coming to town had at that time, smacked us good... 102 to 58....he said "how about a little revenge".....and the rest was history.

.My Brother took off and went Crazy, already known for his scoring ability he had 25 in the first quarter and at halftime he had 36.
The Coach sat him down (told us this later) that he had intended to put him back in but the rest of us had followed lead and were Stompin the comp......Final Score?.....110 to 36....If he had left My Brother come back in it may have been the Most points ever scored in a game in the history of ND Basketball.

He was away at a private School his freshman year of High School ....they had Cross Country Track and he joined....He Came home for Thanksgiving and decided to run to our relatives house....7 miles away down a gravel and my brother (who was one year younger than me) thought we would run with him.....we ended up in the pickup box after 3 miles...Lol!!
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