32 districts?

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32 districts?

Postby woodchuck10 » Sat Jan 14, 2012 1:15 am

does anyone know what the districts and regions looked like when there was 32 or when it dropped to 24 districts? or can go even further back, i would like to see all the towns that had teams. or even standings for a district, or the region and district tourney results. i would really like to see a list.
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Re: 32 districts?

Postby outofstatefan » Sat Jan 14, 2012 2:47 pm

I can't give you the entire picture but I can give you an example. I remember the old District 23 consisting of Westhope, Newburg, Maxbass, Souris, Antler, Willow City, Upham and Dunseith. Westhope, Newburg and Dunseith all still have high schools, Westhope/Newburg is a coop. They were one of 4 districts in Region 6 with MInot as sort of a center point. I think another district in the region was Kenmare, Mohall, Sherwood, Lansford, Donnybook, Carpio, Glenburn (maybe), Berthold (?). There was a district centered around Velva, Surrey, Sawyer etc. The 4th district was Garrison, Max, Washburn, Underwood, Wilton. . .

I know there were changes and adjustments over time so all of the teams listed above perhaps weren't always a part of this region but I remember them all being a part at one time or the other.
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Re: 32 districts?

Postby Old Baller » Sun Jan 15, 2012 11:31 pm

Let's see if my memory serves me right...Back in the '60's I believe it was District 17 that consisted of Regan, Wing, Tuttle, Robinson, Pettibone, Woodworth, Driscoll, Steele, and Tappan. These schools competed in Region 5 as I recall. The Regional tournament was held in the Jamestown High gymnasium and later the Jamestown Civic Center after it was built in the early '70's. In those days Wing was a pretty consistent District 17 power but Linton dominated the Region for a number of years in that decade. Sounds familiar doesn't it?
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