Top players and teams for the 09-10 Season

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Re: Top players and teams for the 09-10 Season

Postby flyersgold08 » Thu Feb 25, 2010 7:18 pm

AC-DC wrote:
Fargo_Flyers#12 wrote:Best team=Fargo Flyers
11 seniors, 5 new to the team this year. At least one each from Shanley, South and the Flames. How can you honestly say that is not recruiting?

God every year is ceases to exist that you make posts about teams "recruiting" individuals. NO way is it possible for those individuals to just choose to go to that team...they were obviously recruited, had to be. No other way lol.

And when the flyers played Langdon in the semi-final games in 07, and 08 they were really good games..But the Flyers wore out the short benched blades and they went on to lose both years to a 5th place seeded team by 5+ goals in each championship. Id say when Klingbeil, Otto, Hoffarth, and one other kid i forgot left langdon the talent dropped. My guess is that the Flyers will take it again this year
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