Teams Dropping?

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Re: Teams Dropping?

Postby flyersgold08 » Sun Dec 21, 2008 3:09 pm

AC-DC wrote:
SIOUXGUY wrote:Rugby and Bottineau's numbers are low. Only 6-7 kids in each PeeWee program, 16 total Bantams for both teams. Not alot either program can do except co-op.

Crosby has been in that situation for years. On a good year, we get 8-9 at each level. With no real co-op options, we have to play-up younger kids. Might not be a perfect situation, but the kids get a lot of experience and at least we have a program. It's just the reality of a small town.

face it,we live in ND! this is not the most populated state nor the state where most people want to move to. so if your living in a small town finding new people each year would be hard. whereas in fargo there is a lot more growth. people move there and have kids. therefore we have more of a supply of kids. deal with what your given and make the best out of it.
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Re: Teams Dropping?

Postby JrGoldisGreat » Wed Dec 24, 2008 11:51 am

Yeah...Rugby is just lucky they have some help. Not every small town has a Botno or a Devils Lake to help it out. Look at Crosby.

Re: Teams Dropping?

Postby Metal Edge » Wed Dec 24, 2008 12:25 pm

here is the real deal with the bottineau-rugby co-op.

bantams bottineau - 9 skaters
rugby - 5 skaters (+ they have a goaltender who will miss the entire season due to an injury)
rolette - 1 skater (he lives in between both towns)

bottineau also had 4 skaters who were bantam age that moved up to high school hockey.

peewees bottineau - 9 skaters (which one will be on the girls team eventually)
rugby - 3 skaters (which one will be on the girls team eventually)

it sounds like everything is going great for both programs, it just shows you how the hockey community continues to overcome adversity.
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