mid-season predictions

Teams of the West Region

mid-season predictions

Postby sportsallday » Mon Jan 26, 2009 12:55 am

with it looking like bhs will pretty easily take 1st at wda but after that the 2 3 4 seem to be really close and could go anyway between williston minot and century or very possible another team to and just wondering what peoples predictions are for the outcome and why?
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Re: mid-season predictions

Postby the_truth_hurts » Mon Jan 26, 2009 1:53 am

1. BHS
2. Williston
3. Century
4. Minot
5. Mandan
6/7 Bottineau/Dickinson
8. Hazen
9. Jamestown

top four teams are pretty much superior to the rest of the region. I see those 4 making it to state. 2-3-4 could switch in any order but i see it finishing that way as williston is 1-0 against chs and 1-1 against minot and minot is 0-1 against chs. the only non top 4 team that has a legitimate chance to go to state i believe is mandan. theyve showed briefly that they can jump out on a team getting up 3-1 on williston and century.
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Re: mid-season predictions

Postby Eleven » Mon Jan 26, 2009 10:59 am

Going into WDA

Going to State

I think that BHS is to strong for anyone in the West to knock them off. Century has been scoring alot of goals of late, Minot sure has picked up there pace as well. Williston needs to pick it back up, I am giving them 2 going into WDA just becuase CHS has to head there and play on the big sheet. WDA will be interresting I think, if any of the 2,3,4 teams run into a hot tender it could get dicey. Look at the last Williston/Hazen game, WHS outshoots Hazen 39 to 9 and have to win in OT. If CHSs' tender can give his team a 92-94% they could upset some teams when they get to state as well. It should be an interresting last month of Hockey.
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