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Postby Wombat » Fri Jan 13, 2006 5:58 am

WE have an all-ND team, now lets try some all-school teams, make up a dream team of past and present FB players from your home town or school.
Mitch Greenwood

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Postby ndfan » Fri Jan 13, 2006 7:34 am

Well all give it a try here Mitch for Cavalier. All these guys are guys i played with or have seen play. If i missed anybody let me know. This is the team i would love to play with.

Steve LaQua or Tim Oksendahl Take Oksendahl if you wanna spread the O out and throw deep. I didn't get to see LaQua play but i heard he was heck of an athlete.

Matt Anderson, Sam Lucier, and Alan Sundby. Pick your poison in the full house offense.

Rob Hunt
Randy Baker
Wayne Samson
Robert Vistad
Mitch Greenwood
These are all big boys and could move pretty well for there size.

Blake Trenbeath
Brady Trenbeath
Gotta have some playmakers to catch the ball and would be able to block just enough for those running backs.

Rob Hunt
Wayne Samson
John McCurdy
Me (Just because i wanna play with these guys but im not good enough) or
Ryan Olson (think he's career or season sack leader i believe?)

Matt Anderson
Brady Trenbeath
Sam Lucier
They all have something you need to be a linebacker

Blake Trenbeath
Robert Mahar
Dustin Doyle
Steve LaQua

Marcus Carpenter

punt/kick returner
Brady Trenbeath

Rod Oksendahl

Jeff Houdek
Rod Mack
Matt Houdek. @ndfan55
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Postby UND9296 » Fri Jan 13, 2006 9:40 am

Grand Forks Central:

qb: Brooks Bollinger (Wisconsin)

rb: Phillip Moore (UND)

rb: Greg Mask (UND)

wr: Drew Hysjulien (Minot St.-basketball)

wr: Ryan Chappell (UND)

te: Nate Botnen (NDSU)

ol: Keith Jones (NDSCS and UND)

ol: Dan Schill (UND)

ol: Hugh Medal (NDSU)

ol: Jason Lord (UND)

ol: Casey Blue (UND)

dl: Mark Callahan (UND)

dl: Matt Bakke (2006 grad)

dl: Blue

dl: Rod Ulland (UND)

lb: Michael Drayton (UND)

lb: Bobby Riske (UND)

lb: Ryan Kasowski (2006 grad)

db: Moore

db: Mask

db: Brian Leach (UND)

db: Pat Pringle (NDSU)

punter: Hysjulien

kicker: Lamin Mansaray (St. Cloud St.)

coach: Mike Berg and the current staff of assistants
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Postby Wombat » Fri Jan 13, 2006 12:34 pm

Cavalier Tornadoes All-World Team.

I'm going to try not to double up offense and defense picks.

QB- Tim Oksendahl (he can run the offense and let'r rip and he has about every passing record there is... UND)

RB's- Justin Hinkle, Mike McFadden,  , Alan Sundby (Single season rushing leader- UND)

FB- Ryan Siegle (Concordia- Tremendous run blocker)

WR's- Blake (2 sport player at Concordia) and Brady Trenbeath (2-sport player at UND) , Robert Mahar

TEs- Shawn Sagert, Devin Grube

OL- Rob Hunt (NDSU- NFL), John McCurdy, Brian "Gimpy" Johnson, Jared Osheim, Dave Brown, Matt Houdek, and Me cuzz i have to be a part of this (1 year at mayville)

DL- Randy Baker, Wayne Samson (concordia), Robert Vistad (Yet to be decided), Ryan Olson (all-time sack leader) Nick Baker (single season sack leader)

LB's Matt Anderson (NDSU) Sam Lucier (Baseball in Iowa and UND) Jeremy Kihne, and Steve Laqua just because at NDSU he was a wedge-buster on kickoffs, CAN HIT!

DB's- Ryan Bachman, Marc Ritteman, Dustin Doyle, Brandon Nordstrom (Fastest player i've ever played with in high school... with or against U-mary track)

K/P- Marcus Carpenter

KR- OK... I think i have this now. In four consecutive seasons the opening kick off in the first game of the year (against langdon who we've beaten about 30 times in a row) has been returned for TD's. I beleive that they were Blake Trenbeath, Brady Trenbeath X2, and Robert Mahar. this past year Langdon squib kicked it to start the game. Blake and Robert were first team all-state special teams player of the year, Brady was Class AA player of the year. Not bad to have these guys back deep.

Coach- The only one i even know... Rod Oksendahl.

AC's- Houdek, Mack, Hardy

Cheerleaders- The girls of "02's Championship," Red Freschette, James Vaughn, Jay Carik, and Mark "you guys are my boys" Sundby.

I wouldn't doubt if Mitch Ford gets added to this list. He's only a Sophomore now and he's already producing good numbers on offense as well as defense.
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Mitch Greenwood

Some people say I don't have a life. They are wrong. Sports are my life!!!
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Postby ndfan » Fri Jan 13, 2006 1:18 pm

Both of those teams had some great players on it. All have to come up with my all Devils Lake team sometime too. Being a ex water boy there in the early 90's all have to try remembering some names. But great lists guys so far lets hear some more. Maybe then later when can debate who has the best team. :dude:
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Postby flatlander » Mon Jan 23, 2006 3:24 am

Wow! There are some good players up in Cavalier.

I think Velva probably would have a good all-time team too - about every player's last name would be Kittelson, Wielder, or Gjellstad.

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Postby mitchstrand » Tue Jan 23, 2007 10:28 pm

All Mott-Regent Team

Only been together since 2000...buts that six a pre-lim team can be made

Anyone with any comments plz send.


QB- Jon Meier (Minot State) 01-04 (Region Senior of Year)

RB- Tyler Greff (Dickinson State) 00-01

FB- Lee Jahner 03-06

WR- Clint Grosz (Dickinson State) 01-04

OL- Devan Laufer 04-06

OL- Charlie Green 02-05

OL- Scott Johnson 00-01

TE- Grant Gion (injuries limited him to one OUTSTANDING season) 01-04

H.M.- Cory Rixen (OL-FB), Mike Friedt (RB, injuries hurt him),  Nate Jahner (TE), Drew Larson (OL), Tyler Grosz (RB) (Region Senior of Year)


Safety- Jon Meier

DB- Clint Grosz

LB- Tyler Greff

LB- Justin Mosbrucker 01-04

LB- Lee Jahner

DL- Cory Rixen 00-03

DL- Brock Gion 04-06

DE- Grant Gion

DE- Tommy Larson 00

H.M.- Josh Wutzke (DB), Nate Jahner (DE), Jaden Honeyman (DE/DB), Clark Gion (LB), Josh Greff (DL)

Special Teams

Kicker- Jaden Honeyman 00-02

Punter- Tyler Greff

Kick Returner- Chris Wiegand

All-Purpose- Josh Greff 00-01
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Postby SWsportsfan » Wed Mar 14, 2007 6:46 am

All-Dickinson Trinity

Stipulations: No one plays both ways on my team (excluding two who will be removed from certain positions when I can think of legitimate replacements for them, just an example of how lineman should get more credit, it would make these teams much easier to put together). I don't have the years they played, may possibly update it in the near future to include, but I'm drawing from the entirity of Trinity football not just the last 10-15 years.

Head Coach: Chuck Noll
Offensive Coordinator: Greg Grinsteinner - We will be utilizing a Option offense.
Defensive Coordinator: Jerry Holinka - Using the 4-4.

QB - Todd Kovash, Jacob Odermann - Kovash is the unanimous selection here. It was a toss up between Kyle Odermann and his younger brother Jacob, but people in the know have said that Jacob was a better Quarterback then Kyle, just didn't have as many years to show it.

HB - Kyle Steffes, Tom Willer, Calvin Bergenheier - I believe Steffes is recent enough where I don't need to explain why he makes the team. Tom Willer was an awesome, dominating running back in the 70's with a great combination of strength and speed. Bergenheier started as a freshman and had around 1500 rushing both his sophomore and junior seasons.

FB - Bruce Kary, Brian Urbanec - True bruisers that you would want lead blocking for you on any team, could earn the hard yards better than anyone.

WR - Jon Ewoniuk, Brian Bergantein, Matt Ukestead, Chad Glasser - Ewoniuk had the speed to beat anyone up and down the field. Bergantein was faster. Ukestead had a combination of size and speed that you don't see on many AA teams and if he had been paired with Odermann just a year later the 2001 team would have been even more potent. Glasser was the best pure route runner I've seen on a Titan team, accompany that with his speed and he was one of the good ones.

TE - Lee Smith - Great combination of size and speed and blocking ability.

OL - Todd Wandler, Brent Wandler, Jared Bullinger, Jeremy Davis, Arnie Binek - Todd and Brent Wandler were members of the Wandler clan that dominated for the Titans for years on the OL. Jared Bullinger, while possibly undersized controlled the huddle and played his position better than anyone else I can think of. Jeremy Davis was a great all around blocker. To tell you the truth Arnie Binek is before my memory, played in the 60's, but my father told me he dominated.

DL - Lee Smith, John Odermann, Todd Wandler, Duke Adamski - Smith didn't play DE all that much, but he should have played it a lot more he dominated when he was placed there. Odermann had 18 sacks his junior year and 17 more his senior year. Wandler was the only person ever named to the prep All-American team. Adamski is another one who was before me recollection.

LB - Dale Smith, Jay Wandler, Mark Zastoupil, Joe Volk - Dale Smith was a commanding precense on the gridiron. Jay Wandler dominated the defensive side of the ball. Mark Zastoupil hit harder than most I've seen and Joe Volk knew what the opposing team was doing before they snapped the ball.

DB - Doug Hushka, Bob Willer, Kyle Odermann, Terry Kadrmas - Hushka went on to have an outstanding career at NDSU. Willer and Odermann had the speed along with the ability to read an offense and Kadrmas went on to have a big career at UND.

K - Zared Lefor - Can't really think of any off the top of my head so we'll go with the 2001 teams.

P - Mitch Stevens - Only because he is the only punter in school history to have a punt of -1 yards in a playoff game.
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