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Re: All Around Athletes

PostPosted: Fri Jan 09, 2015 9:44 am
by scoobyx2
Run4Fun2009 wrote:
scoobyx2 wrote:
radball wrote:sorry, i'm late to the talk, but, i'm kinda shocked no one mentioned, Shaice Marx, been going to state track since here 8 th grade yr and placing, she qualified in over 6 events, and based on what i heard from other coaches, she could easily do 2 more(can only do 4) freshman, sophomore yrs, oh yea she placed in the events also. State vball(can play all positions from what i heard(but excels at hitting,made all state team,some coachs were shocked she didn't make all state team),, she has excelled at basketball and played on varsity since 8th grade, just missed a double double again last night by one rebound(according to radio, and she had a couple steals and block shot) according to the radio on a couple games this yr, she has gotten 14 rebounds or more(not bad for 5-8) in couple games this yr. And to think last yr the seniors wouldn't pass her the ball much. But based on what i heard and seen, the most important qualities, is her ability to lead and make everyone around her better, and that's the qualities i look for. , and the Hilsboro girls have some really good athletes as well, January 17,2014, is going to be a awesome game to watch, lets just hope the refs let them play.

The thread started with looking at athletes that played 3 or more sports. Does she have a 3rd sport?

The person he's talking about excels in VB, BB & Track.

Sorry. I guess that was right away in the beginning of the post, and then I lost track when we started blaming seniors and refs.