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Re: Minot State Signees

Postby digger » Wed Jan 05, 2011 1:42 pm

eyeinthesky wrote:
classB4ever wrote:I have been following numerous ND AAU/ECI teams over the years. The strange thing is when our ND athletes travel out of state and play other teams, they more then hold their own. It seems as a team, the hard nosed, hard work ethic style of play will allow them to compete with anyone. But when you try to insert them individually with a different style of play (college level), as you stated, they are not at the same level.

I have had the exact same thoughts.

I agree, here's my take. AAU ball is set up to showcase athletes to coaches, not to win the tournament. The ECI teams (where most all the ND kids play) fare well at times because they are made up of kids who play to win the game. The players on the majority of the AAU teams don't really care about the final outcome, their concern is, "How did I look in the minutes I got"? The AAU circuit is a convenience for college coaches, it allows them to see the largest number of kids in the shortest amount of time outside of their season. Our players can compete from a team standpoint because they are competing to win against kids (who might be more talented) that don't really care what the final score is.
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Re: Minot State Signees

Postby forthree » Wed Jan 05, 2011 5:41 pm

Thanks to you all for bringing me up to speed on whats going on at MSU as well as the NSIC. I am becoming a fan of that conference getting to watch games on the Mid-Continent channel. Its sad that the best from North Dakota may not be able to compete in that level. I have been impressed with Mary but its apparent MSU has a long way to go and is Stewart the man for the job.
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Re: Minot State Signees

Postby Flip » Thu Jan 06, 2011 1:19 am

digger wrote:
Here's an example: I was in Sioux Falls and attended the St. Cloud State-Augustana game a few days ago. Great basketball game, high end athletes, skilled players, really good coaching. Cody Schilling for Augie is a bigger, more athletic, faster, version of Joe Hanstad. Same for Taylor Witt of St. Cloud (I know they are older, I've seen them both play a number of times over the years. Joe has time to grow physically, this is no knock on Joe.) Cam McCaffrey for Augie (from Oregon) is better than any point guard I've seen in ND in years. We don't have any big guys in the state currently that could go in and compete at that level. My point is that they recruit guys like Joe Hanstad, sometimes they get them, sometimes they don't, but we just don't produce many players like Joe Hanstad. Nate Wolters (6'3 guard) is lighting it up for SDSU, one of the best players in the Summitt league, and he was considering offers from the NSIC powers.

Just for some perspective these were Cody Schilling's HS numbers
3428 points
1365 rebounds
1135 assists
He led Ellsworth to at least 2 state titles.
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Re: Minot State Signees

Postby digger » Thu Jul 26, 2012 12:53 pm

Here's hoping Hedberg got it right with the Murken hire, they've got a tough road ahead. His choice of assistant coach is crucial, you've got to have a plan in figuring out your recruiting base, and the assistant(s) is/are key. Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and South Dakota is the base for the top tier NSIC programs, get the high end JC players now and then, catch lightning in a bottle with the occasional D-I transfer. If they're convinced he's the right guy (which they better be) they need to have some patience.
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