University of Mary Women

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University of Mary Women

Postby sioux75 » Sat Jan 24, 2009 2:17 am

When the season started it seemed that University of Mary's women's basketball team's strength was in their post play, and post depth. In 13 of their 18 games a post has been the team's highest scorer. In only one game has a starting guard or forward scored the most. Of course Fridley's solution after losing four out of the last five games is to play 4 guards and only 1 post. Fred for your information, Mary's starting guards were out scored by St. Cloud's 46-15, and had 17 turnovers to 4 for St Clouds starting guards. Mary's guards were also 2 for 12 from 3 point range. Go back to the chalkboard, Fred. what you are doing is not working.
How about playing some defense! In Mary's last four losses they have given up an average of 79.75 points per game. Mary's lone win in the last 5 games was at home to Bemidji who had not won a conference game and who was without their best player who averages almost 16 points per game in conference play. After trailing for most of the first half Mary won the game, by 16 points.
If Fridley keeps the team going as they have been, they will be lucky to win 3 more conference games during the regular season.

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Postby COACHWEST » Tue Jan 27, 2009 3:29 pm

So now what Sioux? Has Sat.'s game changed your opinion?
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Re: University of Mary Women

Postby baseball » Tue Jan 27, 2009 4:21 pm

Hard to say a team with Kayla Rogers, Abby Bratlien, Abby Reiter, Sonny Schulz, and Maria Wiegelt is a team where the strength in the post game. Skala is the one true post pressense they have. Zipma is a good player because she wide but only averaging 3 boards a game. Zillmer had a career game on friday night but dont expect that every night. she'll get you a solid 6 points 4 rebounds a game but if u go to a game waiting for a 19 point outburst from her again youll be disappointed. Kelsch I've seen throw the ball over the rim on a layup without touching backboard or being blocked or anything on multiple times. Fridley was expecting Messer to play a bigger role then she has before the year started. She'll be a good one in a few years but shes a little behind the curve which happens with freshman. esspecially one who coudlnt focus 100% on her post game because she had to help a bad team bring the ball up against a press

behind Skala who are the 2 leading rebounders? Bratlien and Reiter. But your right again....Mary was expecting their post play to carry them this season and not gaurd play...

yea play some defense...opponents are shooting 38.7% from the floor against them on the year, 5th in the conference and 1% behind the team leading that category. UNC started conference play 0-2..noones concerened about them. Notre Dame had a 45 game winning streak at home and then lost 2 in a row last week...better pick it up if they wanna make the NCAA tournament

I vote Mary fires Fridley and signs sioux75 to be the coach....teams cant have 4-5 games slumps like this.
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