NDSU vs. Wyoming

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Re: NDSU vs. Wyoming

Postby baseball18 » Mon Sep 15, 2008 11:32 am

lol sportsking are you trying to be dumb and naive??? Or is it your genetics? We've already proved to you how tough of a schedule NDSU has... they play in arguably the toughest conference in the FCS plus add an FBS opponent Wyoming (yes we know they're not that good, but they're not bad either). How do they have a weak schedule? Please elaborate, since you know so much about college football. Let me see start counting the ranked teams... 1- Youngstown St., 2. Southern Illinois, 3. Northern Iowa, 4. South Dakota St., 5. Western Illinois... that's 5 ranked teams and all of them are in the MVFC...
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Re: NDSU vs. Wyoming

Postby sportsking09 » Mon Sep 15, 2008 3:00 pm

baseball18 wrote:
sportsking09 wrote:lets see i dont know where to start.... first i would like to thank god and then wyoming for showing the world the ndsu is over rated, second it makes me happy that it was against not very good d1-a team(wyoming is not very good,they are just another sub par d1a team that the bison like to schedule like minnesota). well i suppose i better get ready for all the replys and posts about how good wyoming is or how the loss isnt that big because wyoming is d1a, no. that fact of the matter is NDSU lost to WYOMING, who is really not very good, and if you look back in this topic, i picked the bison to win this game. thats how horrible wyoming is. i actually said the bison would win(guess not) yep only more losses can follow now. and if the bison dont fall from #1 in the polls, then craig bohl is obviously paying someone, because when app. state lost to LSU in LSU, they fell, and that was against LSU, yes LSU(wyoming is no where near as good as LSU) so in my eyes app. state should still be atop the polls at #1 and the bison should fall. hard. very hard, but thats not goin to happen because they are over rated

you sound like a politican. once und beats an FBS team get back to me, NDSU is 3-2 against FBS opponents (that;s 80 schollies vs. 63 in all those games if ya didn't know and you prolly didn't)... lets see how UND fares against their FBS counterparts... 0-1 next year sounds like a good start after a 71-3 loss to Texas Tech... that'll keep the hopes up in Grand Forks.

Hey i would rather lose to an actually good team like texas tech and show people that this school has nuts ratherthan scheduling the crappy low end d1-a teams and bloat about how we are 3-2 against bad d1-a teams, yea look at us we are scared to schedule someone good, and im not saying und is better, im saying they at least have the balls to schedule a very good team early in transition(the gophers are far from a good team) and will try to make a statement in the second season of transition into the d1-aa, unlike the bison who waited till their 3rd season of transition to play a d1-a team
and if UND were to upset texas tech(highly unlikely) it would put UND on the map over NDSU by far
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Re: NDSU vs. Wyoming

Postby NDSportsFan » Mon Sep 15, 2008 3:27 pm

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