Valley City State team camps

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Valley City State team camps

Postby GRIDIRON GURU » Tue Nov 06, 2007 10:13 am

Valley City State puts on team camps each year for both 11-man and 9-man plus a line of scrimmage camp for linemen only.

This year the teams who participated in those camps have had huge success.

Devils Lake is in the Championship and attended the 11 man team camp. plus sent a lineman and two coaches to the Line of scrimmage camp.

Napoleon is in the championship and was at the 9-man team camp

Mott/Regent had their whole offensive line at the Line of scrimmage camp.

Teams that I know of who attened team camp or Line of scrimmage camp and made the playoffs are.

Rollette/Rolla team

Hillsboro team

Wyndmere Lidgerwood team

TGU team and LOS

Edgley Kulm team

Fargo North team

Jamestown team and LOS

Wahpeton team and LOS

Fergus Falls Hillcrest team

Alexandria MN LOS

Wells co. LOS

New Rockford LOS

Lisbon LOS

Cavalier LOS

New Salem LOS

Mohall LOS

I am probably missing some, but I am just shooting from the hip as I noticed the busses at the 11 man camp and I watched some scrimmages at the 9-man camp and I worked the LOS camp.

My whole point is that VCSU does an awesome job with the camps in the summer and the teams that show their dedication to attend these camps had it pay off in October and November.
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Re: Valley City State team camps

Postby 3nout » Tue Nov 06, 2007 12:11 pm

The VCSU team camp and LOS have been very beneficial to our program. TGU has gone to Team Camp since 2002. We attribute our success in 2002 and 2003 to that. I feel that as we have been in kind of a rebuilding stage, we have taken Team camp as an opportunity to give a little headstart into the season. We look at it as a way to get better, they do a nice job, they treat the kids and the coaches very well.
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