Paint Bucket

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Paint Bucket

Postby heimer » Thu Aug 25, 2016 3:17 pm

Vikings and Jimmies tonight.

Paint bucket.

My favorite days: Days of Vikings wins.

My next favorite days: Days the Marauders and Comets lose.

My next favorite days: Days the Chickenhawks and Beavers lose.

My next favorite days: Days private schools win state titles.

My next favorite days: Days Grafton and Central Cass complain that they ran out of Kool-Aid

My next favorite days: Bottineau kids drive to Linton for practice.

My next favorite days: Central vs. Red River for state hockey titles. (that one actually should be #2)

AND THEN MY NEXT FAVORITE DAYS: Days of Jimmies losses.

So, hoping today is one of my most favorite and 8th most favorite days.

PS: I'm never doing that d@mn UJ thing. You're JC, the Jimbos, the Pumpkinheads, and their ain't crap you can do about it.
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