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PostPosted: Sat Oct 28, 2006 3:21 pm
by rep
i was pretty much blown away by patrick wolf, lindsay anderson and of course sam larson. i didn't stick around for the girls' race, i had to get back to the office, but in the first three races, each of those three had it won EARLY. the race i didn't see sounded like it went down to the wire with the south girl edging funke.

both wolf and anderson are juniors, so another year of dominance should be in store for next year. larson graduates and goes d-1 somewhere (i'm assuming anyway...that kid should definately get his education paid for. he is as legit a d-1 runner as i've ever seen - he got done running the 5k today and at the end basically took a couple of deep breaths and seemed to just shake off any fatigue)

my favorite thing about cross country meets is when the winners are encouraging those they beat at the finish line. cross country has always seemed to be one of the least ego-driven sports and as a casual fan i have always gotten the impression most people don't say 'i won' at the end, they look around and say 'we survived'.