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2017-18 Schedule

PostPosted: Sun Nov 12, 2017 10:07 pm
by Run4Fun2009
Tuesday, November 21st
Mandan def. Hazen/Beulah 9-3
Devils Lake def. Bottineau/Rugby 2-1
Jamestown def. Grafton/Park River 5-2

Friday, November 24th
Marshall (MN) Tourney
Fargo Davies def. Breck (MN) 5-1
Marshall (MN) def. Pine City (MN) 3-2 F/OT

Bismarck def. West Fargo 6-0
Century def. Fargo North 12-2
Notre Dame Academy (SK) def. Williston 5-2

Saturday, November 25th
Marshall (MN) Tourney
3rd Place: Breck (MN) def. Pine City (MN) 6-0
Championship: Fargo Davies def. Marshall (MN) 8-0

Bismarck def. Fargo North 5-0
Century def. West Fargo 7-1
GF Central def. Minot 7-0
Williston def. Notre Dame Academy (SK) 5-4
Jamestown def. Hazen/Beulah 8-1

Tuesday, November 28th
Fargo South/Shanley def. WF Sheyenne 4-3
Grafton/Park River def. Detroit Lakes (MN) 5-3
Minot def. Mandan 7-0
Dickinson def. Willlston 16-2
Century JV def. Hazen/Beulah 6-2

Thursday, November 30th
GF Red River def. WF Sheyenne 12-2
GF Central def. Fargo North 5-2
Fargo Davies def. Fargo South/Shanley 6-1
Minot def. Devils Lake 3-1
Dickinson def. Mandan 3-1
Hazen/Beulah def. Bismarck JV 3-0

Friday, December 1st
Century def. Detroit Lakes (MN) 7-0
Williston def. Hazen/Beulah 4-2
Jamestown def. Bottineau/Rugby 7-2

Saturday, December 2nd
Bismarck def. Detroit Lakes (MN) 2-1
Grafton/Park River def. West Fargo 4-0
Dickinson def. Bottineau/Rugby 10-4
Devils Lake def. Jamestown 6-2

Re: 2017-18 Schedule

PostPosted: Sat Dec 02, 2017 11:31 pm
by Run4Fun2009
Tuesday, December 5th
GF Central def. WF Sheyenne 14-1
GF Red River def. West Fargo 11-1
Fargo Davies def. Fargo North 6-1
Grafton/Park River def. Devils Lake 4-2
Bismarck def. Mandan 9-0
Minot JV def. Beulah/Hazen 5-3

Thursday, December 7th
Devils Lake def. WF Sheyenne 5-3
Century def. Minot 8-0
Bismarck def. Jamestown 3-2

Friday, December 8th
GF Red River def. Fargo South/Shanley 8-1
GF Central tied Fargo Davies 0-0 (GFC wins SO)
Grafton/Park River def. Fargo North 3-1
Century def. Dickinson 11-3
Mandan def. Williston 4-1

Saturday, December 9th
Jamestown def. Williston 4-0
Minot def. Dickinson 7-0

Tuesday, December 12th
GF Red River def. Fargo North 8-2
GF Central def. Fargo South/Shanley 3-0
West Fargo def. Devils Lake 3-2
Grafton/Park River def. WF Sheyenne 6-4
Bismarck def. Minot 5-3
Century def. Mandan 11-0

Friday, December 15th
GF Central tied GF Red River 2-2 (GFRR wins SO)
Fargo South/Shanley tied Devils Lake 4-4 (FS/S wins SO)
Fargo North def. West Fargo 3-2
Fargo Davies def. Grafton/Park River 4-2
Century def. Jamestown 8-2
Dickinson def. Billings (MT) 5-3
Bottineau/Rugby JV def. Hazen/Beulah 9-0

Saturday, December 16th
Century def. WF Sheyenne 6-2
Minot def. Jamestown 7-2
Bottineau/Rugby def. Williston 3-0
Billings (MT) def. Dickinson 4-3 F/OT

Tuesday, December 19th
GF Red River tied Fargo Davies 3-3 (GFRR wins SO)
Grafton/Park River def. Fargo South/Shanley 4-3 F/OT
WF Sheyenne def. West Fargo 8-5
Devils Lake def. Fargo North 3-2
Williston tied Bismarck JV 1-1 (Williston wins SO)

Thursday, December 21st
GF Central def. Devils Lake 3-0
Bismarck def. Minot 3-0
Jamestown def. Breckenridge/Wahpeton (MN) 10-2

Friday, December 22nd
GF Red River def. Grafton/Park River 7-6 F/OT
Fargo Davies def. West Fargo 4-1

Re: 2017-18 Schedule

PostPosted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 7:24 pm
by madseason
GPR/ Davies game the 15th will decide if GPR is actually a threat in the EDC? Only loss was to Jamestown , first game and they out shot them 2/1. They are playing with confidence. ( big plus in the hockey mind!). GPR biggest surprise this year IMO.

Re: 2017-18 Schedule

PostPosted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 11:51 am
by Run4Fun2009
Wednesday, December 27th
Rochester Kiwanis Tourney
Albert Lea (MN) def. Verona (WI) 6-4
Fargo South/Shanley def. Rochester Lourdes (MN) 4-0

Thief River Falls Tourney
Crookston (MN) def. Northern Lakes (MN) 6-1
Fargo North TIED Fort Frances (ON) 2-2
Thief River Falls (MN) TIED Chippewa Falls (WI) 2-2

Little Falls Tourney
North Branch (MN) def. Willmar (MN) 11-0
WF Sheyenne def. Little Falls (MN) 5-4

Fergus Falls Tourney
West Fargo def. Detroit Lakes (MN) 2-0
Fergus Falls (MN) def. Park Rapids (MN) 4-0

Dickinson Tourney
Rapid City (SD) def. Dickinson 5-2

Thursday, December 28th
Rochester Kiwanis Tourney
Fargo South/Shanley def. Albert Lea (MN) 5-2
Verona (WI) def. Rochester Lourdes (MN) 3-1

Thief River Falls Tourney
Fargo North def. Crookston (MN) 4-3
Chippewa Falls (WI) def. Fort Frances (ON) 5-1
Thief River Falls (MN) def. Northern Lakes (MN) 7-0

Little Falls Tourney
North Branch (MN) def. WF Sheyenne 5-2
Little Falls (MN) def. Willmar (MN) 5-3

Roseau Tourney
Eau Claire North(WI) def. Minot 5-3
Roseau (MN) def. Lake of the Woods (MN) 12-0

Warroad Tourney
Warroad (MN) def. Grafton/Park River 6-3
Osseo (MN) def. International Falls (MN) 2-0

Fergus Falls Tourney
Fergus Falls (MN) def. West Fargo 3-1
Detroit Lakes (MN) def. Park Rapids (MN) 2-0

Wadena Tourney
Breckenridge/Wahpeton (MN) def. Worthington (MN) 7-3
Bottineau/Rugby def. Wadena-Deer Creek (MN) 6-4

Dickinson Tourney
Dickinson def. Watertown (SD) 4-3
Mandan def. Pierre (SD) 5-4 F/OT
Rapid City (SD) def. Williston 8-2

GF Central def. Century 6-5
GF Red River def. Bismarck 4-2

Friday, December 29th
Rochester Kiwanis Tourney
Verona (WI) def. Fargo South/Shanley 3-2
Albert Lea (MN) def. Rochester Lourdes (MN) 3-2

Thief River Falls Tourney
Fargo North def. Northern Lakes (MN) 5-2
Crookston (MN) def. Chippewa Falls (WI) 3-2
Thief River Falls (MN) def. Fort Frances (ON) 6-0

Little Falls Tourney
WF Sheyenne def. Willmar (MN) 5-0
Little Falls (MN) def. North Branch 3-0

Roseau Tourney
Minot TIED. Lake of the Woods (MN) 3-3
Eau Claire North (WI) def. Roseau (MN) 4-3 F/OT

Warroad Tourney
International Falls (MN) def. Grafton/Park River 5-3
Warroad (MN) def. Osseo (MN) 6-0

Fergus Falls Tourney
West Fargo def. Park Rapids (MN) 4-2
Detroit Lakes (MN) def. Fergus Falls (MN) 4-3 F/OT

Wadena Tourney
3rd Place: Wadena-Deer Creek (MN) def. Worthington (MN) 3-2 F/OT
Championship: Bottineau/Rugby def. Breckenridge/Wahpeton (MN) 8-7 F/OT

Dickinson Tourney
Dickinson def. Pierre (SD) 7-4
Mandan def. Rapid City (SD) 6-2
Williston TIED. Watertown (SD) 4-4 (Williston wins SO)

GF Red River def. Century 6-0
GF Central def. Bismarck 3-2

Saturday, December 30th
Roseau Tourney
Roseau (MN) def. Minot 9-2
Lake of the Woods (MN) def. Eau Claire North (WI) 4-0

Warroad Tourney
Osseo (MN) def. Grafton/Park River 6-2
Warroad (MN) def. International Falls (MN) 2-0

Dickinson Tourney
Watertown (SD) def. Mandan 4-3

Re: 2017-18 Schedule

PostPosted: Wed Dec 27, 2017 8:58 am
by hazpay
Should be some good hockey in Bismarck this week. GFC/GFRR/BHS/CHS games.

Will be a good measuring stick for the Bis teams as they start the meat of the season.

Re: 2017-18 Schedule

PostPosted: Sat Dec 30, 2017 4:26 pm
by Run4Fun2009
Tuesday, January 2nd
GF Red River def. Devils Lake 3-2 F/OT
#4 East Grand Forks (MN) def. GF Central 5-1
Bismarck def. Dickinson 6-0
Williston def. Hazen/Beulah 4-3 F/OT

Thursday, January 4th
GF Central def. Grafton/Park River 9-0
Fargo Davies def. WF Sheyenne 5-1
Fargo North def. Fargo South/Shanley 5-2

Friday, January 5th
Fargo Davies def. Devils Lake 6-0
Century def. Bismarck 3-2
Jamestown def. Bottineau/Rugby 8-3

Saturday, January 6th
GF Red River def. East Grand Forks (MN) 6-0
Fargo South/Shanley def. West Fargo 5-1
Fargo North def. WF Sheyenne 4-0
Jamestown def. Dickinson 2-1
Minot def. Williston 5-1
Bottineau/Rugby TIED 4-4 Mandan F/OT (B/R wins SO)

Tuesday, January 9th
GF Central def. West Fargo 8-0
East Grand Forks (MN) def. GF Red River 1-0 F/OT
Jamestown def. Mandan 8-3
Bottineau/Rugby def. Williston 3-2

Thursday, January 11th
Dickinson def. Mandan 6-0

Friday, January 12th
GF Central def. Fargo North 2-1
GF Red River def. WF Sheyenne 8-2
Fargo Davies def. Fargo South/Shanley 3-2 OT
Grafton/Park River def. West Fargo 9-2
Minot def. Jamestown 5-1
Bismarck def. Devils Lake 8-0

Saturday, January 13th
Devils Lake def. Mandan 3-1
Fargo Davies def. Minot 4-1
Century def. Williston 10-0
Bottineau/Rugby def. Bismarck JV 3-0

Re: 2017-18 Schedule

PostPosted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 6:55 pm
by Run4Fun2009
Tuesday, January 16th
GF Central def. WF Sheyenne 5-0
Devils Lake def. Grafton/Park River 5-4 F/OT
Bismarck def. Mandan 6-0
Century def. Minot 5-1
Dickinson def. Jamestown 5-3

Thursday, January 18th
GF Red River def. Fargo South-Shanley 5-2
GF Central def. Fargo Davies 4-2
Fargo North def. Grafton/Park River 3-2
Bismarck def. Minot 6-0

Friday, January 19th
Century def. Mandan 12-1
WF Sheyenne def. Devils Lake 4-2

Saturday, January 20th
WF Sheyenne @ Fargo South-Shanley
West Fargo @ GF Red River
Fargo North @ Fargo Davies
Jamestown @ Williston
Bottineau/Rugby @ Dickinson