NDAHA wake up and drop JR gold; push 2 tier HS hockey

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NDAHA wake up and drop JR gold; push 2 tier HS hockey

Postby nomogprhokee » Thu Sep 14, 2017 11:34 am

NDAHA appears to be struggling to manage what they have at the youth hockey levels. ND Hockey is dying and the same old is not working. Promote the sport and the tournament trail after Bantams. Utilize your resources to get the ADs from the small towns hockey communities to push 2 tier hockey. Promote the sport, even if it requires that it move out from the umbrella of NDAHA and under NDHSAA. NDAHA has created a mess with players jumping all over to play, and can't maintain any continuity in jr.gold league integrity. All existing youth programs in the state need to retain their internal progression after Bantams.
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