End Regions, 10-team state

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End Regions, 10-team state

Postby heimer » Fri Feb 19, 2016 10:08 am

Yeah, when I see Bismarck outshoot Williston 81-5, not interested.

Right now, state hockey is about to be kicked out of the Ralph because it always runs into WCHA hockey. This needs to be fixed.

Time for the following change, one of two options:

1) Switch the start of hockey and wrestling. This would be the week of state hockey. UND can coordinate their schedule accordingly with no playoff hockey. Problem solved.

2) End regional tournaments. Monday, #5 plays at #4 for final spot in each region. Winners join the top 3 at state. Problem solved.

63-7 and 81-5 is not tournament anything.
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Re: End Regions, 10-team state

Postby madseason » Sun Dec 04, 2016 7:17 pm

Agree! Maybe they should do it like the past where the losers of the east tournament played in the west? Then we get the best teams? 5 and 6 from the east play the last of the west to play in the west tournament? Seems fair to me cause a lot of good teams from the east get screwed by teams that are not even comparable in talent. The west has gotten better in the last ten years, But the 5 or 6 in the east would beat the 4 west almost every time?
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